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Name: Adam Lambert
Also Known As:
Occupation: Musician, singer-songwriter, actor
Works: Musicals like Hair, Wicked & The Ten Commandments. Zodiac Show, American Idol.

Official albums: For Your Entertainment (2009) & Trespassing (2012). Glam Nation Tour - DVD (2011), The Original High (2015).

World Tour; Glam Nation Tour from June 2010 to December 2010 (6 months).
Official Website(s): Official website, Twitter, Instagram, Official fanclub
Fan Website(s): ONTD_AI on LJ
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Adam Lambert singing on the S8 American Idols tour

Adam Lambert was on Season 8 of American Idol, and his career has taken off since. There is a fair amount of RPF fic about him, and a debate over which fandom(s) should cover him, including American Idol RPF and Glam RPF. Notable writers/writers of notable stories include astolat, bexless, butterfly, eleanor_lavish, jerakeen, jeyhawk, ruby_fruit, scribblinlenore, seperis, winterlive, yeats.

Lambert's songs are often used fanvids, see Sleepwalker and If I Had You for examples.


Kris Allen (Kradam)

Kris Allen was the winner of Idol season 8. He and Adam were roommates for most of the season in the Idol mansion, and Adam notably referred to him as "pretty, nonchalant, and totally my type" and as "distracting" in his 2009 Rolling Stone interview.

buffy_x wrote The Epic KRADAM Bromance Guide For Idiots shortly after Idol season 8 finished. This is slightly Kris-centric but provides a great overview of the bromance and includes the famous nail polish story.

Tommy Joe Ratliff (Ratbert/Lambliff)

Tommy Joe Ratliff is the bassist in Adam's post-Idol band and notably got kissed during the 2009 American Music Awards on national TV and several times during Adam's 2010 Glam Nation tour.

Brad "Cheeks" Bell (Bradam)

Brad/Cheeks is Adam's ex-boyfriend and has been described by Adam as his first true love. They remain friends and have hung out several times post-Idol; notably Brad was Adam's date to the GLAAD Media Awards dinner.

Drake LaBry (Lambry)

Drake was Adam's boyfriend from some time during Idol until December 2009; the song "Voodoo" off Adam's album is inspired by him. From interviews Adam's done, it seems likely they broke up due to the pressures of Adam's career.

Sauli Koskinen (Lambski)

Sauli Koskinen was Adam's boyfriend from 2010 to 2013. They decided to separate and have stayed friends since then. They met in Helsinki, Finland, where Adam was one night stop on his Glam Nations Tour. Sauli is a Finnish Big Brother winner (2007) and also an entertainment reporter. He didn't know who Adam was nor that he had a concert in Finland the night they met in a bar called Jenny Woo. Sauli lives in LA. They visited in Finland on Christmas 2011 and Adam was introduced to Sauli's parents and sisters.


Online Adam fandom takes place heavily on Twitter, Livejournal, and on the official website. Many stories are archived at the Archive of Our Own.

Livejournal communities

ontd_ai Adam and specifically Kradam fandom inspired the creation of this community and maintains a major presence here, although a lot of splintering occurred once the Idol tour ended and Adam and Kris were no longer together all the time.

hooplamagnet A members-only news/media community, an offshoot of ontd_ai.

adamlambertetc A news community.

glambert_fic Adam/anyone fanfic

kradam_ai Kris/Adam fanfic

atom_fic Adam/Tommy fanfic

Many other discussion comms including:

team_cockbert, team_ratbert, team_lambliff, beepxbeepxbeep (Kradam tinhatting)

Rec Lists

yeats' reclist Adam Lambert fic that doesn't suck was an early rec list in the fandom and a good starting place, although it has not been updated since January 2010.

weddingbeaches has a more recent Kradam reclist that also has a second part with Adam/other fanfic.

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