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Name: Kristopher Neil Allen
Also Known As: Kris Allen
Occupation: musician, singer-sonwriter
Medium: vocals, guitar, electric guitar, piano, keyboard
Works: Brand New Shoes (self-released pre-Idol album), Kris Allen (post-Idol eponymous album), Thank You Camellia (sophomore album 2012)
Official Website(s): Official website, Twitter
Fan Website(s): Kris Allen Media on LJ
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Kris Allen is the season 8 winner of American Idol. Although not as controversial or as widely known as the runner-up, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen has enjoyed relative fame in North America. Kris Allen is usually described as the Christian married guy, because he is also the first married winner of the show. Because he freely gives hugs to his fellow idols and friends and is always complimentary when talking about them, Kris Allen is often seen as the little black dress of season 8.


Adam Lambert (Kradam)

Adam Lambert is the season 8 runner-up of American Idol. During the show, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen were roommates. Shortly after, Adam Lambert revealed to Rolling Stones that he's gay. In the same edition, he also described Kris Allen as "pretty, nonchalant, and totally my type" as well as "distracting".

Katy O'Connell/Allen (Kraty)

Katy is Kris Allen's wife. They married shortly before Hollywood Week. Katy was Kris's high school sweetheart.

Matt Giraud (Kratt)

Matt Giraud is a season 8 contestant of American Idol. He finished fifth. Kris Allen was his roommate during Hollywood Week. They stayed good friends during the show and after.

Cale Mills (Krale)

Cale Mills is Kris's pre-Idol friend. Fans have noticed him cheering Kris on during the show. Shortly after the release of Kris's post-Idol album, Cale joined Kris's band. He plays the guitar and the keyboard.

Andrew DeRoberts (Kradrew)

Andrew DeRoberts plays guitar in Kris's band. His good looks and his skills as a guitarist has made him into a fan favorite.


Fans of Kris Allen have built many fansites on the Internet. Most of them have a Twitter account for promotion.

Kris Together A fansite with great active forums.

Kris Allen Addicts A fansite/blog created by a fellow Arkansan. Local news has given this site and its owner some publicity.

Fourteen Plums The name of this fansite refers to one of Kris's first tweets declaring he ate fourteen plums. This fansite is also very well built.

Kris Allen France A French fansite. Very well built with up-to-date news, Kris Allen France was also the only fansite to have exclusive pictures of music video for The Truth (Kris Allen's second single).

Livejournal communities

Kris Allen Media News, videos, and pictures of Kris Allen

kradam_ai Kris/Adam fanfic