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Name: Sauli Eerik Koskinen
Also Known As: Sauli Koskinen
Occupation: Reality-television star, radio personality, entertainment reporter
Official Website(s): Official website, Twitter
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Sauli Koskinen is a Finnish reality-television star, radio personality, entertainment reporter and the season 1 winner of Finnish Big Brother. Sauli was hired as a web-based entertainment reporter for the Finnish tabloid Ilta-Sanomat, where he provided commentary on entertainment news in weekly videos with co-host Katri Utula. In 2011, Koskinen and Utula traveled to the United States to produce a special version of their weekly web series entitled Tutka Roadshow.

As of June 2011, Koskinen continued to work for Ilta-Sanomat and was additionally hired as a U.S.-based call-in entertainment reporter for the Finnish radio station Radio Aalto.


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Adam Lambert (Lambski)

Adam Lambert is the season 8 runner-up of American Idol. Adam is Sauli's current boyfriend and they have been together since November 6 2010. They met in Helsinki, Finland, where Adam was one night stop on his Glam Nations Tour. They live together in Los Angeles.


Online Sauli fandom takes place heavily on Twitter, Livejournal, and on the official website. Many stories are archived at the Archive of Our Own.

Livejournal communities

  • Lambski - News, fics, videos, etc about Adam and Sauli.