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Dates: 2009-present
Type: multi-author fanfiction domain
Fandom: Hanson
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Screenshot of the website as it currently appears. is a domain, maintained by Bethany, which hosts Hanson fanfic. The site opened in 2009. It hosts her fic, others' fic, awards, and challenges, as well as featuring articles, reviews, monthly spotlights and a huge directory of links to hanfic sites and stories.


The site features a Hall of Fame, glossary, introduction to hanfic, tropes list, timeline, writing resources, Bethany's personal reading list and more, including these sections:

  • Directory - The site's largest feature, the directory currently has almost 4000 links to any and all hanfic-related websites on the web. Many links are archived, and all efforts have been made to include every bit of hanfic ever to exist.
  • Articles - Mostly consists of editorials and opinions by the hostess and others, with topics ranging from hanfic to Hanson and their fans.
  • Spotlights - Monthly author, story and website spotlights. Featured authors are asked to do a short interview to talk about their writing process, favorite fics and more.
  • Reviews - Features fanfic reviews by the hostess and others, divided roughly into 'eras' by album release.

Fan Interviews: Spotlights

See Interview Series.


Some popular and notable stories hosted on include:

Other Sites

Other sites, such as awards and challenges, hosted on include: