Truth Is a Whisper (Hanson story)

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Title: Truth Is a Whisper
Author(s): Bethany and Amber
Date(s): 2012-2015
Length: ~300k words
Genre: slash and incest romance
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: website and AO3
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Truth Is a Whisper is a Hanson slash and incest fanfic by Bethany and Amber. It features an incestuous pairing between Zac and Taylor, as well as other slash pairings. The story was written in three parts, each with their own different plot and structure.

Part One: Words On a Screen

Zac and Taylor both seek refuge online and unknowingly begin a relationship with each other. The story of their relationship is told largely through "transcribed" chat logs with side by side commentary by the characters, though a more traditional first person narrative takes over as their relationship moves into the real world.

Part Two: Make It Real

Two weeks later, Zac and Taylor are struggling to figure out how to make their relationship work offline. Unsure that Zac is ready for such a commitment, Taylor calls things off. Zac seeks comfort in the arms of his best friend and secret crush Carrick Moore Gerety, but that relationship ends when Carrick begins to fear Zac will never mend things with Taylor.

Part Three: Call Me Home

A month after getting back together, Zac and Taylor are both in the process of divorcing and decide to live together. Taylor soon realizes that, while they have both grown a lot, only one thing is missing from their relationship—Carrick.

Related Fanworks

The authors have posted several "lost chapters" that show scenes that were only alluded to during the series itself, including Taylor and Carrick's first kiss and the progression of Zac and Carrick's friendship.

Reactions and Reviews

From various Tumblr users:

AntiZaylors don't know what they're missing out on. I've read a lot a lot of fanfiction, in a lot a lot of different fandoms, and trying to find one that is even half good is terribly hard. Most of them are cliche, badly written, too short and rushed, etc. You wouldn't believe the amount of Zaylor stories I've come across that are unbelievably well written, good enough to be published and have a movie made after them good. If only you could get over your fear of Zaylor. Just try one fic. Seriously. It's like crack. Except you will not regret it.[1]

I love love love Truth is a whisper! This was the first hanfic I´ve ever read,…[2]

Dear person who writes thruth is a whisper,

Could you please hurry up and post chapter 21 i have been waiting forever. i am addicted.

mmk thanks bye[3]


Truth Is a Whisper won awards in the Blank Page Awards and is featured in the hall of fame.