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Name/s: Bethany, Beth, Bethy, Beffa, themayqueen, heartturnsblue
Fandom/s: active in Hanson and The Moffatts, lurker in many many others
You can find me at:, LJ, Tumblr, AO3
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I hate describing myself. I guess what you need to know is that I read and write fanfic, mostly about Hanson, although I've written about other bands I like. I was into popslash before it was called that and at an age when I had no right to be reading fic of that sort.

These days, I'm most known for my hanfic website and the obsessive amount of time I spend cataloging the minutia of this tiny fandom. A few of my stories are quite popular, namely Loaded God Complex, the Sweetest Downfall Series and Truth Is a Whisper (Hanson story).

When I'm not online doing fandom things, I'm choking on the dust of library books that haven't left the shelves since I was too young to read them.

Transformative Works Policy

If you wish to use any of my work (ie, my fic) for fanmixes, podfic, art, etc, you have my full permission to do so. Remixes, continuations, sequels, etc of my fics will likely be approved but I would appreciate an email first so I can make certain I approve your idea. Obviously, I can't stop you from doing whatever you want with my things, but anyone who lets me know how they have transformed or plan to transform my work will have my love forever.

Current Projects (2018)

(all in Hanson fandom unless otherwise noted)