Hanson Fan Fiction Lives

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News Media Commentary
Title: Hanson Fan Fiction Lives
Date(s): July 3, 1998
Venue: online
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: here, transcribed by Hanson House another transcription
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Hanson Fan Fiction Lives is a 1998 article from Tulsa World.


Some Hanson fans love the Tulsa trio sooooooooooo much that they channel their obsession into their own, um, artistic expression. Instead of merely daydreaming their fantasies of hanging out with Taylor, going camping with Zac or finding a soulmate in Ike, legions of fans are writing those fantasies into Hanson fan fiction and posting it on the Internet for all to see. The web is now thoroughly packed with clearinghouses of this novice prose. The stories are written mostly by girls and -- yeesh -- a few older women, and they cover just what you'd expect them to: idolizing a Hanson, meeting a Hanson and eventually smooching a Hanson.
Hanson fan fiction has it all -- sex, violence, drugs and the dropping of more brand names than a professional product placement representative could contract in his or her entire career. It offers a glimpse into the lives of a segment of American youth that most miss -- or ignore -- and it ain't always a pretty picture.
They are incredibly defensive about their work. Rare is the piece of Hanson fiction that does not begin with a disclaimer warning all naysayers to step back, something like Rachel Munro's statement at the beginning of her 20-chapter story "Forever Friends": "There is only one rule I put on my story and that is that only true Hanson fans are allowed to read it." So there.