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RPF Fandom
Name(s): The Moffatts
Scope/Focus: The Moffatts, Hanson and associated bands
Date(s): 1994-present
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The Moffatts is a band of four brothers from Canada--oldest brother Scott, identical twins Clint and Bob and fraternal triplet Dave. They recorded and released three country albums from 1994 to 1996, before re-emerging as a pop rock act in 1998 with their album Chapter I: A New Beginning. This album, and their long hair, earned them comparisons to Hanson, which they attempted to shake with their 2000 follow-up album Submodalities, which had a more rock sound.

The band officially broke up on October 25, 2001 following a concert in London, Ontario. It was revealed in the following months that youngest brother Dave was gay.

Scott briefly performed and recorded with a band called The Boston Post before releasing a solo EP in 2006 and moving to Thailand to produce music. He is now back in America, recording and producing country and pop music.

The twins, Clint and Bob, have performed under numerous names over the years. Their first band was initially known as Pusch before changing to Hidell. They also moved to Thailand, where they were known as Same Same, before moving to Nashville and performing country music first as Two Bullet Parade and currently as Like Strangers.

Dave attempted a modeling career and briefly attended college. In 2006, he auditioned for Canadian Idol. He now DJs and teaches yoga, as well as continuing to write music.

The band reunited without Dave in 2004 and 2005 for a few charity performances, and in 2012 staged a Christmas livestream that featured all four brothers performing together for the first time since their breakup. In 2017, the band reunited without Dave for a few shows in Southeast Asia that were touted as both a reunion and a farewell tour. Despite saying they wouldn't reunite as four[1], they have released two singles in 2018, scheduled more tour dates and teased a forthcoming EP[2].


As a fandom, The Moffatts didn't come into prominence until their first pop rock album. Comparisons with Hanson lead Hanson fans to embrace the band and even begin shipping members of the two. This can also largely be attributed to the story Devil Angel which made Scott/Taylor and Dave/Zac popular pairings. After the band's break up, the fandom dwindled, although moffson stories remained popular. Het stories have always been somewhat popular as well, and a fair amount of incest has been written as well, particularly twincest. Because they had also recorded with German brothers Gil and Tal Ofarim, they were often slashed with them as well.

An attempt to revive the fandom was made in 2010 via the website Ch.1: Moffatts Fan Fiction Archive, but this largely remains a dead fandom aside from the few Hanson fans who still enjoy the crossover pairings. The Southeast Asian fandom is still quite active, but largely shares photos and information rather than creating fanworks.

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