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Name: Clinton Thomas John Moffatt
Also Known As: Clinton TJ Moffatt, Clinton, Clint
Occupation: Singer, guitarist/bassist and vocalist
Medium: Music
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Portrait of the twins by Elizabeth Schnell (2007).
Clint Moffatt (born 1984) is a musician originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is best known for his role as drummer and singer for The Moffatts, a band he was in with his three brothers.

After The Moffatts' breakup, Clint and brother Bob formed a series of bands, the first three of which (Pusch, Hidell and Same Same) were all pop rock oriented. They also spent several years in Thailand as producers, before returning to the United States. Since 2009, they have recorded country music in Nashville, Tennessee, under the names Two Bullet Parade, Like Strangers and currently as Endless Summer.

Clint and Bob are identical twins and also have a fraternal triplet, Dave. During the height of The Moffatts fame, Clint could be distinguished from Bob by his hair, which he wore short with bleached tips, while Bob wore his long and dark. Currently, Clint's tattoos make it easier to tell the difference.

Clint married much younger singer/dancer Sydney McGovern in 2018. The two have one child, Lake William Andrew, who was born in 2017.[1][2][3]


The extremely close relationship between the twins led to twincest being very, very popular. Clint tends to be the forgotten one in fanfic, which perhaps is the reason why it was popular to pair him with Isaac Hanson, in a case of pair the spares.

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