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You may be looking for the Harry Potter fan writer Aspen in the Sunlight.

Name: Aspen
Alias(es): cursescar, humanhosepipe
Type: fan writer, vidder, moderator, webmaster
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Hanson, Gundam Wing, Veronica Mars, South Park, Firefly, Supernatural, many others
Communities: Walking the Plank, Nocturne Alley, Girls Today, etc.
Other: (retired)
URL: cursescar - fandom LJ, defunct
privetdrive - current fic community
humanhosepipe on YouTube - fanvids
Aspen's HP fics at Restricted Section
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Aspen was a fan writer most active in Harry Potter fandom. Though perhaps best known for her Harry/Draco story Daisychain!Draco and her Harry/Snape works, she was a multishipper who often wrote het and femslash as well as m/m slash.

Aspen's fics can now be found at the privetdrive community on LiveJournal. The comm is currently friendslocked but will accept members who provide an age statement.

Fannish History

Notable Fanworks

Some of Aspen's Ron/Ginny fanfiction is available on FanFiction.Net as Pepper Imp, an account shared by Aspen and Altricial. Two of her Snape/Harry stories are still available at Walking The Plank.


  1. Daisychain!Draco at The Bottom!Draco Emporium.
  2. If that Mockingbird Won't Sing at Walking the Plank.