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Title: Daisychain!Draco
Author(s): Aspen
Date(s): 2001?
Genre(s): slash, PWP
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
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story link (The Bottom!Draco Emporium at GeoCities)

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Daisychain!Draco by Aspen is an early and infamous Harry/Draco kinkfic with spanking, daddykink, cross-dressing, shades of chan, and a flower crown. The last paragraph of the story reveals that Draco and Harry are roleplaying, but the story starts mid-scene, with Draco already in character as the naughty child and Harry as the dad. Aspen later wrote a prequel.

The story was recced by switchknife, who described it as "One of the legendary PWPs of Harry Potter fandom."[1]

In an interview with Slashcast, the author later commented,

[Aspen:] Daisy Chain Draco is a weird one, 'cause Daisy Chain Draco is also old. It was written right before the first movie came out, I was just in the Harry Potter fandom, doing whatever, writing weird things... And nobody wrote that kind of thing then. Nobody. I was like the freak from the anime fandom that was writing all of these kind of, like, anime clichés, sort of chan fic things....

[Interviewer:] I- When I read it, I took it as a shared fantasy between them, but I guess that wasn't the feedback at the time?

[Aspen:] Yea. It's hard, because I've always liked chan, I don't have a problem with it personally. I understand why people do, so I don't want to be, like, you know, really super defensive of it. I have no problem with writing chan and I think a lot of people did. Another fic that kinda of worked from the chan idiom that I wrote is If That Mockingbird Won't Sing. People really didn't want it to be chan anyway, so I kind of gave them the out. "Don't worry, it was all pretend." It was really, really fun for me to go back to Daisy Chain Draco and kind of just hurriedly sketch out their real lives. And I still wanted it to be, like, completely focused on that fantasy and on the kink and everything. And I thought, "Maybe it would just be better if I could give the beginning of the story. Have it not be all pink dresses and daisy chains. Maybe it should be slightly more normal, maybe it should just be the very, very beginnings of what would later be Daisy Chain Draco."[2]


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