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Name: switchknife
Alias(es): switch, Saucery
Type: fanwriter, mod, reccer
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Communities: Pornish Pixies
Other: Harry Potter Rareslash Archive, switchknife's slash recommendations (archived Geocities version)
URL: Switchknife's Slash Recommendations, weapon of choice, LJ (deleted and purged)
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Switchknife was a fanwriter in the Harry Potter fandom, particularly known for porn and intense darkfic. Switchknife also ran a popular recs site for slash fanfiction (the site is still online, but hasn't been updated since 2004). Switchknife founded the Pornish Pixies livejournal community in 2003,[1] and maintained a masterlist for it at GeoCities (now offline).

Switchknife self-describes as Invisible, gender-ambiguous and addicted to porn.[2]

Exit from Fandom

Switchknife made two announcements about leaving. The first announcement (in 2004 or 2005?) stated that they would be leaving fandom and couldn't say why.[3] The second announcement on August 25, 2005, referenced the first and stated that real-life concerns were the reason for Switchknife's exit.[4]

For those of you who've had me friended for a while, you might remember my disappearing a long while ago, after leaving a 'note' on my LJ.

Well, I'm doing so again. RL, as it is wont to do, is forcing me to go offline; I am leaving pornish_pixies in the hands of a friend of mine in the meantime. :)

A handful of you will have received e-mails from me today, explaining the circumstances of my disappearance in more detail. As for the rest of you: this Cheshire Cat can only beg forgiveness. Think of me as leaving my grin behind--enjoy the smut, enjoy each other, and most of all, enjoy the Harry Potter books!

My love to you all,


Switchknife has not been seen online since. In 2011, an anon at Fail Fandomanon suggested that switchknife may have briefly returned under a different name.[5] In 2013 Fail Fandomanon speculated about their disappearance.[6]

In September 2014, Saucery announced on Tumblr that they were switchknife, and would be reposting the fanfiction they had written as switchknife to AO3, under the switchknife pseud. The announcement read in part:[7]

Hello, everyone! None of you know this (yet), but I once used to be a part of the Harry Potter fandom under the name of switchknife. I left back in 2004, for reasons that included worsening mental illness (I was institutionalized soon after leaving fandom) and the rather terrifying experience of being stalked by someone who was making my fannish experience a nightmare. Thus, even though it pained me to say farewell to some of the very dear friends I’d made in that fandom, I had to leave for my own health.

In 2010, I at last felt up to rejoining fandom as Saucery, but only now, a whopping ten years later, do I feel safe enough to try resurrecting my old identity as switchknife, and reposting the large number of stories I’d written under that name, from 2002-2004.

Example Fanworks

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