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Name/s: aethel, æthel the aardvark
Fandom/s: in roughly chronological order of like: Star Trek, Buffy, LOTR, LOTRiPS, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Due South, C6D, Torchwood, Merlin (BBC), Star Trek Reboot, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock (BBC), XMFC & X-Men, Teen Wolf, One Direction & Radio 1 RPF, MCR & Bandom, Supernatural, Good Omens
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Editing pages on Fanlore since October 2008. Wiki committee member in 2010, wiki co-chair in 2011, wiki chair in 2012, free spirit 2013-.

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Since acquiring an LJ in 2003, I have been a semi-lurker in several fandoms while reading much fanfic (mostly m/m slash) and watching many vids.[1] I started making podfics in 2009 and got a Tumblr account in 2011.

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Ray Kowalski, Science Fiction, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Underwater Light, List of GeoCities Fansites, The MsScribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography, List of Sherlock Holmes Communities and Forums, The Paradox Series, Pastiche, Delicious, Searching for Fanworks on the Internet, Podfic, Pod Aware, Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy, Gayfic, Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney, Photo Reference, Publicity Still, Lost Zebra Day, Podfic Permission, Red vs. Blue, Spaceship, Costumes Are Not Consent, The ETA from You to Me, Star News (Brazilian Star Trek newsletter), Podblocked, 9/10ths of the Law, Poster, Podfic Anthology, Triptych (art), Space Art, Cold Reading, Flower Crown, Stilinski Twins, Timeline of Science Fiction Fandom, Science Fiction Fandom vs. Media Fandom, One Direction, Imagine (genre), Larry Stylinson, Category:Science Fiction Fandom Glossary, The Johnlock Conspiracy, Rainbow Direction, chemicalromance

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