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Name/s: aethel, æthel the aardvark
Fandom/s: in roughly chronological order of like: Star Trek, Buffy, LOTR, LOTRiPS, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Due South, C6D, Torchwood, Merlin (BBC), Star Trek Reboot, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock (BBC), XMFC & X-Men, Teen Wolf, One Direction & Radio 1 RPF, MCR & Bandom, Supernatural, Good Omens, MDZS/The Untamed, Word of Honor and various cnovels.
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Editing pages on Fanlore since October 2008. Wiki committee member in 2010, wiki co-chair in 2011, wiki chair in 2012, free spirit 2013-.

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Since acquiring an LJ in 2003, I have been a semi-lurker in several fandoms while reading much fanfic (mostly m/m slash) and watching many vids.[1] I started podficcing in 2009 and got a Tumblr account in 2011.

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  1. ^ Gratuitous footnote!

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