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Name: Harry Potter Rareslash Archive
Date(s): Last update 2003
Archivist: switchknife
Founder: switchknife
Type: slash
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://geocities.com/hp_rareslash/ (Wayback Machine)
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Harry Potter Rareslash Archive is an archive for Harry Potter slash fanfiction featuring rare pairings.
There are many archives out there dedicated to Harry/Draco, Remus/Sirius, Hermione/Ginny or other popular slash pairings from the Harry Potter fandom. However, there are few (if any) sites dedicated to Remus/Draco, Padma/Cho, Charlie/Harry or Draco/Voldemort. This particular archive is interested in pairings that are rare in this fandom, and that often remain the most undiscovered of jewels.
If you are looking for something other than the standard H/D fare, or are simply seeking the unexpected, this place is for you. While many people find it hard to imagine some of the pairings archived here, that itself is the reason why rareslash often yields the most original and beautiful fiction. HPR archives the finest rareslash the world of Harry Potter has to offer, and hopes to become the first comprehensive archive for rarer slash pairings in this fandom.
Please note that although Harry Potter Rareslash archives fanfiction, no copyright infringement of any sort is intended. Neither is offense. If you are disturbed by the idea of same-sex relationships, please leave now.
Feel free to direct any and all complaints, queries or offers of sex to the webmaster/webmistress, also known as switchknife.


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