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Name: Mireille
Alias(es): mireille719, Mireille626
Type: fan writer, moderator
Fandoms: Blakes 7, BtVS/Angel, Doctor Who, due South, Harry Potter, RPS, Smallville, Sports Night, The X-Files, others
Communities: LGBT Fest, maleslashminis
URL: Mireille at Archive of Our Own
mireille719 at LiveJournal
our_fic and our_recs at LiveJournal
Mireille626 at FanFiction.Net (stories deleted)
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Mireille is a multifandom fan writer and moderator.

She writes on her LiveJournal profile:

I've been active in fandom since the early 80s, and writing and publishing fanfic for most of that time. I believe in FIAWOL, at least for myself, and so while my fic output changes based on my life circumstances (and due to those circumstances, I just spent several years away from LJ), you won't see me announcing that I am leaving fandom. Ever.[1]

Much of her fanfiction can be found at Archive of Our Own and our_fic, a LiveJournal community she shares with soft_princess.

Fandom History

Blake's 7

Mireille is best known for All Work and No Play, a Vila/Tarrant story that first appeared in Liberator Fantasies in 1998. The story won a 1998 STIFfie Award for Best Blake's 7 Short Story. The story was also posted at The Blake's 7 Library.

Harry Potter

Mireille began writing in Harry Potter fandom by December 2001.[2] Many of her stories focus on the minor character Marcus Flint. She wrote in June 2008 that "there was a time period where about 75% of the easily-located Marcus Flint fic was written by [herself]."[3]

She was a participant in the lumosnox RPG on LiveJournal in 2002 and 2003, where she played the character Marcus Flint. She and Fleur (who played Oliver Wood) left lumosnox in March 2003 but continued RPing together. They started a separate website for their Marcus/Oliver logs called Forever, with Breaks for Quidditch.

Mireille's Harry Potter stories were posted at FanFiction.Net as of 2002. She deleted her work from the archive in late 2002 or early 2003, possibly in response to the NC-17 ban.[4] Her stories were also posted on archives including Harry Potter Rareslash Archive, Perfect? and Ron Slash Archive.


Notable Fanworks


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