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Name: Marcus Flint
Occupation: student
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Marcus Flint is a minor character from the Harry Potter series. He is the Slytherin Quidditch Captain in the first three books.

Flint is best known for lending his name to a fan term for a continuity error after he continued to appear as a Hogwarts student a year after he should have left school. J.K. Rowling explained the inconsistency by saying in an interview that he failed his exams and thus repeated his final year. Much of fandom has taken the characterisation of Flint being too unintelligent to pass his exams and run with it. However, other fans argue that this interpretation of the character is not supported by his (albeit few) actual appearances in the books.[1]

The character appeared only in the first three books and the first two films. Fan activity about Marcus was most common during the three-year summer, especially surrounding the release of the first film.

Marcus is often shipped with Oliver Wood in slash (see Flint/Wood) and Katie Bell in het (see Marcus/Katie). Other common partners include Harry, Hermione, Percy, and Draco. Marcus/Oliver/Percy is a common threesome ship.

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Portrait of a troll-like Marcus in his Slytherin Quidditch uniform, by Ani Bester. (Oct 2004)


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