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Name: Percy Ignatius Weasley
Occupation: wizard; Junior Assistant to the Minister
Relationships: Arthur and Molly Weasley (parents)
Bill, Charlie, Fred and George, Ron and Ginny Weasley (siblings)
Audrey Weasley (married)[1]
Penelope Clearwater (dated)
Lucy Weasley (daughter)
Molly Weasley II (daughter)
Weasley clan (various in-laws and nieces/nephews)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: born 22 August 1976[2]
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Percy Weasley is a character in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, most notable as the older brother of Harry Potter's best friend Ron Weasley.



Many stories featuring Percy are gen, often focusing on his relationship with the rest of the Weasley family. Often he is mentioned as dating his Hogwarts girlfriend Penelope Clearwater, but their relationship is seldom explored in depth (see Percy/Penelope).

His canon wife, Audrey Weasley and their relationship is rarely explored as well.

Other popular pairings include:

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