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This article is about the Harry Potter wiki on Wikia. For the wiki hosted by FictionAlley, see HarryPotterWiki.

Name: Harry Potter Wiki
Owner/Maintainer: Vostok (creator)
Dates: 05 July 2005 - present
Topic: Harry Potter
URL: harrypotter.fandom.com
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The Harry Potter Wiki on Wikia is one of Harry Potter fandom's most popular canon resources. It was created by Vostok on July 5, 2005.[1]

Canon Policy

The wiki's policy is to include everything in the Harry Potter films, video games, and other media that does not directly contradict the books as canon. This policy contrasts with other resources, such as the Harry Potter Lexicon, and many fans' opinions that things not created directly by J.K. Rowling should not be considered canon.

The wiki thus presents names, histories, and even entire characters that did not appear in the Harry Potter books as canon, and can cause frustration and confusion among fans who use the wiki to fact check for fanfiction or role-playing and wish to take artistic liberties with information that appears outside the novels themselves.

One example of this distinction causing tension is during debates about whitewashing. Some fans argue that portraying characters such as Alicia Spinnet and Professor Sinistra--who were never given a physical description by Rowling but are considered "canonically" black by the wiki because they were portrayed by black actresses--as white should not be considered whitewashing, while others side with the wiki's definition of canon.

(See Harry Potter Wiki:Canon)


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