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This article is about the Harry Potter wiki hosted by FictionAlley. For the wiki on Wikia, see Harry Potter Wiki.

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Name: HarryPotterWiki
Owner/Maintainer: FictionAlley staff
Dates: August 2005 - 2011
Topic: Harry Potter
URL: HarryPotterWiki
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HarryPotterWiki, or HPWiki, was created in August 2005 by FictionAlley staff as "a resource for information on the Harry Potter novels and the fandom that has grown up around these amazing books and their accompanying films."[1] It runs on MediaWiki software.

Attempts to access the Wiki on November 30, 2011 failed, and the site remains offline through 2012.


As of 30 September 2010, the wiki has 1,192 articles. Its goal is to be a "collaborative encyclopedia of the facts of the JK Rowling-created Harry Potter universe" including the books, "the trading cards, video games, schoolbooks, interviews with JK Rowling and JKRowling.com website pages" and to be "a comprehensive resource about the fandom, and include information about the history of the HP fandom, Ship manifestos, popular and unpopular theories and the developments in and behind them, a glossary of fan - terms, and links to essays, fanfiction and fanart."[1]



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