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Name: Marguerite
Alias(es): AMarguerite, toi_marguerite
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Les Misérables, Harry Potter, Mary Renault, Pride and Prejudice, Temeraire, Good Omens, Phantom of the Opera, Scarlet Pimpernel, Hetalia, etc.
Communities: maryrenaultfics, LMFFI
URL: amarguerite on Tumblr
AMarguerite at AO3
AMarguerite on FanFiction.Net
toi_marguerite on LiveJournal
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AMarguerite is a fan writer who has written stories in various fandoms, including Les Misérables, Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, and Mary Renault.

Marguerite's profile states:

I write geekfic, enjoy digging up odd bits of historical information, and highly value the absurd. I look to Voltaire for philosophy, Kierkegaard for theology and P.G. Wodehouse for comedic timing. I tend to cycle in and out of fandoms, but Les Miserables is my longest and most permanent one. At the moment, I am writing exclusively for it. I also tend to write more than I read and review, helas.[1]

She writes of her involvement Les Mis fandom:

[I write] generally silly fic about the Amis being the nineteenth century college students they are, but I have written one long, serious fic of which I am very proud. I love nerdy discussions about 19th century politics and I adore the Romantic era and its literary and scientific revolutions, but these days I mostly read discussions without actively participating. I also like to start somewhat silly character tropes, i.e. Jehan having a pet lobster like de Nerval. I also tend to pop up with random facts about Hugo’s life, which I find absurd and fascinating.

[...] I like to lurk these days, but if meta is sufficiently interesting, I often use it to write fic, which is my primary way of interacting in fandom. Also [I'm looking for] more Enjolras/ Courfeyrac, but, you know. I love meta.[2]

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