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Name: Temeraire
Creator: Naomi Novik
Date(s): 2006-
Medium: Book
Country of Origin:
External Links: http://www.temeraire.org/
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Temeraire is a series of alternate history/fantasy books written by Naomi Novik. They are also part of the Age Of Sail fandom.

The books are set during an alternate version of the Napoleonic wars, where dragons are used in combat. Each novel follows the adventures of Captain Laurence and his dragon friend, Temeraire, as they fight and travel around the world. Six books have been published to date: His Majesty's Dragon (Temeraire in the U.K.), Throne of Jade, Black Powder War, Empire of Ivory, Victory of Eagles, and Tongues of Serpents.[1]

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  • The Covert, for all things Temeraire-related, e.g. discussion, fanfic, fanart, recs, challenges..., was created in June, 2006, and is moderated by Liviapenn and Devil Doll.
  • Temeraire Fic was created in November 2007 to host the Temeraire Ficathon in early 2008, but is now open for all Temeraire fanfic and fanart. It is moderated by Sahiya.
fanart by RatCreature, created for Yuletart, featuring Temeraire admiring his jewels

There is also a Temeraire-Fans group on deviantArt. For an example of fannish knitting, see this Temeraire sweater.

Temeraire is a popular fandom for crossovers with many other fandoms, most commonly Harry Potter and Primeval.

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