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Name: Liviapenn
Alias(es): Livia
Type: Archivist, Fan Writer, Moderator, Vidder
Fandoms: due South, Roswell, Smallville, Stargate Atlantis, The Sentinel, DC Comics, The Big Bang Theory, Eroica, Psych
Communities: livia100x100
Other: Livia's Library
URL: Liviapenn at AO3
liviapenn at Dreamwidth
liviapenn at LiveJournal
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Liviapenn (or just Livia) is an active, long-term member of fandom. Her first participation in media fandom was on The Sentinel mailing list Prospect-L. In her earlier fandoms she wrote mostly slash, but currently writes about equal amounts of slash, gen and het, and occasionally femslash.

Liviapenn is founder of the ClarkLex and ClarkLexFic Mailing Lists, as well as the Smallville Slash Archive. She also hosted the Bradbury Title Challenge and the X-Title Challenge in SV fandom, and created the Walk of Shame, an archive for Sorority Boys fanfiction which is now lost; also a Pete Ross fiction index which is also now lost.

Livejournal communities founded or co-founded by Liviapenn include the dcfic_index, titans_together, sga_fusion, and the Iron Man fandom newsletter.

Challenges that she has run or helped to run include the Bradbury Title Challenge and the X-Title Challenge in Smallville fandom, Timfinity, a Tim Drake AU challenge, Comica Obscura, a comics-based ficathon for obscure characters similar to Yuletide, and Fish Like Bikes, a ficathon for female characters in the Stargate universe.

She first started using livejournal for fannish purposes in 2001. In April 2010, she moved to dreamwidth, under the same name, liviapenn.

In addition to writing and archiving, Liviapenn also creates photomanips and has made a few vids. Her Livejournal icon community is livia100x100.



Examples of her fanfic include: