Bradbury Title Challenge

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Name: Bradbury Title Challenge
Date(s): June 2002
Founder: Liviapenn
Type: Challenge, Fan Fiction
Fandom: Smallville
Associated Community:
URL: listing (offline)
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The Bradbury Title Challenge (also The Ray Bradbury Title Challenge) was a one-off fanfic challenge, posted by Liviapenn in June 2002 to her livejournal. The challenge was, simply, to write a piece of Smallville fanfic, using the title of a Ray Bradbury story or novel.[1]

It was an extremely successful challenge, perhaps because it was riding on the success of the previous X-Title Challenge, and perhaps because, like the X-Title Challenge, the guidelines were extremely loose; there was no deadline, no pairing or genre restrictions, and no required word count. More than one person could write a story using a certain title if they were so inspired, and several authors wrote multiple stories.

Stories were posted in various places: to the Level Three Record Room, the Smallville Slash Archive, to livejournal or, or to authors' personal websites. An index page of all the stories was created on, but disappeared when that domain expired.


Stories posted for the Bradbury Challenge included:

A Final Sceptre, A Lasting Crown, by RaeC

A Little Journey, by Hope

A Medicine for Melancholy, by Meret

A Scent of Sarsparilla, by Janet F. Caires-Lesgold

A Sound of Thunder, by Jayne Leitch

All Summer In A Day, by Victoria P.

Almost to the End of the World, by seperis

And Dark Our Celebration Was, by Hth

And the Sailor, Home from the Sea, by Jack

At Midnight, In the Month of June, by Hope

August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains, by Kiren

Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!, by Julad

Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!, by Kitty Fisher

Come Into My Cellar, by HYPERFocused

Dandelion Wine, by bonibaru

Dandelion Wine, by dossier

Darling Adolf, by DebC

Drunk, And In Charge of a Bicycle, by Jayne Leitch

Graveyard for Lunatics, by EA Karras

Have I Got a Chocolate Bar for You, by Lydia

In a Season of Calm Weather, by Hope

In a Season of Calm Weather, by Linda

Interval in Sunlight, by valentine

Kaleidoscope, by Pearl-o

King of the Gray Spaces, by Te

Long After Midnight, by Edie

Long After Midnight, by eleanorb

Long After Midnight, by Jules

Night Call, Collect, by Sarah T.

No Particular Night or Morning, by The Spike

No Particular Night or Morning, by Wendi

Rain King, by Juanita Dark

Some Live Like Lazarus, by Rana Eros

The Autumn People, by seperis

The Best of All Possible Worlds, by Kiren

The Black Ferris, by HYPERFocused

The Blue Bottle, by Jules

The Day It Rained Forever, by Keelywolfe

The Dragon Dances at Midnight, by Amanda

The End of the Beginning, by Pablo

The Fire Balloons, by That Nashvegas Chick

The Great Collision of Monday Last, by Amanda

The Great Wide World Over There, by Criss Moody

The Leave-Taking, by HYPERFocused

The Naming of Names, by seperis

The Next In Line, by Pearl-o

The Off Season, by Livia

The One Who Waits, by BlueJade

The Small Assassin, by Amanda

The Small Assassin, by Sarah T.

The Sound of Summer Running, by Zahra

The Thing That Goes by Night: The Self That Lazes Sun, by Ilexa

The Town Where Nobody Got Off, by Brighid

There Will Come Soft Rains, by Laura Kaye

Uncle Einar, by Shrift

What I Do Is Me - For That I Came, by Te and seperis

Yes, We'll Gather At The River, by Treacy PurpleSage


  1. ^ Liviapenn, Posts tagged sv: bradbury title challenge on dreamwidth; posts & associated comments were originally made to/hosted on livejournal.