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Name: Kitty Fisher
Alias(es): Kit Fisher, Kittyfisher
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Pros, Highlander, Supernatural, SGA, Sharpe, Smallville, James Bond, Doctor Who, The Man from UNCLE
URL: (Kitty's House of Pleasure... and Pain)
website via wayback
kittyfisher @ Live Journal
Kitty Fisher (kittyfisher) at AO3
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Kitty Fisher is a slash fan writer.

Fannish History

Based in England, she began writing in print fandom in the early 1990s. She was a BNF in Pros fandom; her most popular work was the novel Paper Flowers, which was subsequently re-written as a mainstream gay novel also titled Paper Flowers (by Kit Fisher) through Wayward Books. She contributed widely to zines, particularly to Gryphon Press's Unprofessional Conduct series.

Subsequently she became involved in online fandom, and her work became darker. In Smallville her most notable work in the multi-part BDSM focussed Blood Sports. More recently she completed Synthetic, another dark multi-part epic this time in the Supernatural fandom.

The early Pros, UFO, James Bond, Highlander and other work by Kitty Fisher is available on her website, Kitty's House of Pleasure.

All of her later work, including the Supernatural series, Synthetic, her SGA stories and her Pirates of the Caribbean novel, Diving for Pearls, are available on her Live Journal.

She contributed an article on slash to Serpent's Tail's Inappropriate Behaviour. Kitty was also was profiled, and interviewed, in several mainstream newspaper articles in 2000 in "The Guardian"/"The Observer." One article is She's gotta have it and another is Hard Soap. [1]

Fan Reaction

"The thing about Kitty F is, her knife blades are so sharp, you don't notice you're bleeding until much, much later." [2]

Notable Works


  1. ^ She's gotta have it (September 10, 2000) is reprinted in its entirety in DIAL #15 and Hard Soap, (September 26, 2000) is reprinted in its entirety in DIAL #16
  2. ^ from a fan in DIAL #15