Gryphon Press

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Zine Publisher
Name: Gryphon Press
Contact: Whitehills
Type: slash fanfic
Fandoms: Professionals
Status: publisher passed away in Jan 2017
Other: fanzine publisher
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Gryphon Press published Professionals slash fanzines from the early-1990s through the editor's passing in Jan 2017. As a UK publisher, they were one of main sources for Professionals fanzines for many years. Gryphon was also one of the few zine publishers to bring stories out on tape cassettes. The editor of the press – Sara - also ran the U.K. Circuit Library.

"Gryphon Press'" publications contain the statement "this zine will remain in print." The publisher passed away in Jan 2017 and it is unclear whether fanzine publications and sales will continue.


All are Pros slash:

Audio cassette Tape Sets