Kate MacLean

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Name: Kate MacLean
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: The Professionals
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Kate MacLean is a Professionals fan writer whose fanworks have appeared in fanzines. Very few of her stories have appeared online.

Notable Works

Reactions and Reviews

From Pros musing: thoughts on Kate MacLean....:

"KM's stories are all about ... emotional conflict, between B and D but also internal, within each of them - emotional conflict, and emotional turmoil; more specifically, the turmoil that is stirred up in independent, self-sufficient, cynical, emotionally well-guarded - and more than that (to use a sort of psychobabble neither KM in her stories nor her B and D would ever employ, but is nonetheless analytically useful, and I think, accurate), emotionally damaged, and to a certain extent emotionally ... oh, crippled maybe, or stunted, or at least inaccessible - men who are suddenly faced with unexpected (and sometimes unwanted) feelings: self-deception, the loss of perspective that love can induce, the desperation and panic arising from dawning realization of growing need and loss of self-sufficiency, the struggle with - and against - unwelcome intensity of feeling, the discomfort of changing self-image, the despair and pain of acknowledging unwanted but seemingly inescapable vulnerability."[1]


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