Fruit of the Spirit

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Title: Fruit of the Spirit
Publisher: Gryphon Press
Author(s): Cherilyn
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): May 2000
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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Fruit of the Spirit is a 166-page slash Professionals novel by Cherilyn.

This zine sometimes appears on fan's Desert Island lists.[1]

Reactions and Reviews

A solid tale that traces Bodie & Doyle's relationship from their initial meeting (they hate each other on sight, which I enjoyed thoroughly), through the course of the show (I liked her incorporation of the different episodes), to their post-series life together. It's an enjoyable tale with lots of banter, and the guys seemed very in character to me. [2]
This traces the evolution of Bodie and Doyle's relationship from early days, when it looked like they quite literally might kill each other to a successful partnership and beyond. The author weaves in various episodes and realistically traces the emotional growth between the pair. I loved her scene where Ray confesses his feelings and Bodie's reaction. It's a lovely, involving read I go back to time and again. [3]
I always liked the way that the TV Series went straight into Bodie and Doyle as an experienced pairing, no exposition. It's a perfect opportunity for fan writers to devise their own, and this is Cherilyn's take. The opening sentence begins 'It was antipathy as first sight', and this nicely sets up the first part of the novel with Murphy playing peacemaker much to both Bodie and Doyle's irritation. Cowley, in his infinite wisdom, pairs then after the training with dire warning as to what will happen to them if they fail him or each other. The slow, and at times shaky, thawing of the mutual animosity makes for a enjoyable read as they become a true team and also true friends. Throughout this time there are occasional hints of an uneasy attraction to the other - Bodie lusts after a delicious bum and legs leaning over the bar at the pub until he realizes that they're attached to a man and, worse, to Doyle - but the emphasis is of the building of rapport and friendship. The middle section covers the ensuing three plus years of partnership with reference to certain episodes and a portrayal of the pair of them as best friends. At times, both men worry over becoming too involved and dependent upon each other and try and back away, but as soon as the other gets in trouble they are there for them. It is the final part that we see Doyle's growing love for his partner and his struggle with both understanding and accepting it, and finally in allowing Bodie to recognize it and choose to accept it or not. Throughout the novel there were delightful touches of humour plus a long running gag that involve Bodie and Doyle 'celebrating' Cowley's birthday in hilarious style. The fact that I sat and reread the zine when I just meant to dip into it to write this review is a good indication of my enjoyment. Bodie, Doyle and Cowley are all well characterised, and CI5 and its personnel used well. I recommend it. [4]
... it is a wonderful read. Charts B&D's days back when they were first paired up and 'hated' each other on sight! The way they got over the many obstacles to become first friends and then lovers is excellent and it's the one zine I could read over and over and not become bored. [5]
Cherilyn's Fruit of the Spirit is one I want to read again - but I have to admit that the first (and only) time I read it, I was less keen on it than I was expecting to be. I seem to remember that they got really sort of loving of each other towards the end, and I can't quite reconcile how overt they were with my idea of them (I have the same thing with O. Yardley's Injured Innocents, for some reason) (doesn't that sound mean of me, somehow?! I think it was to do with the language used though...). I'm not sorry that I read it at all, but... well, I want to read it again to see if I was right the first time! [6]
Fruit of the Spirit is one of my all-time favourite Pros stories and was one of the first zines I bought when I discovered Pros, fandom and slash nearly ten years ago. It's lovely to know that so many more people will be able to enjoy it now that you've posted it online. Ooh, and I've just realised - if it's on AO3 I'll be able to download it to my Kindle and carry it with me all over the place! [7]
Thank you so much for putting this on AO3!! Much better than posting it direct to LJ because AO3 does all the work of gathering the chapters together and offering e-reader formats!! This is so exciting because other people have recced the story but I rarely see zines and don't buy any. Now I can have the novel on my Kindle!! Wow! [8]
I'm a relatively new fan who has not yet indulged in the joys of fics on paper, so this story was completely new to me. I'm so glad you posted it online! I really enjoyed it - and I have to say that it's very rare that I'll stick with a novel-length fic. But I was glued to this. The pacing of it was perfect; it was the right kind of angsty, ie not reaching annoying/unrealistic levels; it was great to follow how the lads' relationship evolved. I enjoyed the early, angry part of their relationship immensely. Then later - wow! The growth of their friendship was gorgeous, the romantic bits were lovely and the sex bits were hot. I loved how you painted the more minor characters, too, especially Murphy. And I thought Doyle's mother was a great character: it's rare to see him written with anything resembling a normal family, and that was done really well. Perhaps most of all though, I liked the cows. I love a story that makes me laugh as well as everything else. :D :D [9]
You're going to have to plop down some coin to read this one, as it's only available from Gryphon Press. Trust me when I tell you, it's well worth the investment. Not unlike Ringing in the Changes, this story begins during the early, early days of Bodie & Doyle's partnership, when it looks like the lads might quite literally kill each other, and ends when they've not only realized that together they're Cowley's finest, but that each is everything the other needs. The entire zine is wonderful, but I'm especially fond of the section dealing with their relationship going from friendship to romance. Doyle comes to terms first with his changing emotions, and Bodie, bless him, tries to do the noble, if misguided thing. Funny, sweet stuff.[10]


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