Ellis Ward

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Name: Ellis Ward
Alias(es): L.S. Willard
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: The Professionals, Blake's 7, X-Files, Escape From New York, Due South, The Fugitive, Star Trek, Doctor Who
The Professionals fanfiction The Hatstand
The Professionals fanfiction The Circuit Archive
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Ellis Ward is a gen and slash fan writer whose work has appeared in both fanzines and the circuit library. Her work won her both a FanQ and a Stiffie Award.

One fan writes of her Pros fiction: "Nothing she has written I've read thus far has disappointed me; everything she has written I've read thus far has been novel, absorbing, and well-written. She is one of my favorite writers because she can write B/D stories with consistendy credible characterizations within the context of a variety of themes. I've never suffered that feeling of "been there, done that," with any of her B/D stories. What an amazing storyteller!" [1]

Notable Works

The Professionals:



  1. from a comment in DIAL #22