Chalk and Cheese

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Title: Chalk and Cheese
Publisher: Whatever You Do, Don't Press, then Agent With Style
Editor(s): Mysti Frank
Date(s): 1988-1999
Medium: print fanzine
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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Chalk and Cheese is a slash, gen, and het Professionals anthology.

The title comes from a Cowley quote, referring to the partnership between Bodie and Doyle, from a British proverb; to be like chalk and cheese is to be superficially similar but actually very different.

Chalk and Cheese
Issues 01-05 Issues 06-10 Issues 11-15 Issues 16-19

Some Notes on Series

  • Chalk and Cheese published parts of the Building To Last series by Terence. The series (in order): 1. Building to Last, 1.5. To Catch a Human, 2. Bearding the Cow, Packaging is Everything, 4. The Grand Mating Dance, 5. The Convalescent Cat, 6. Assault and Battery, 7. Dirty Nappies, 8. Tell a Woman, 9. Tomcats, 10. Tea and Sympathy, [11. Scrambled Eggs, is in another zine] 12. Supporting Role, 13. First Step, 14. Dancing Round the Truth, 15. Raven Has His Say, 16. Agony Aunt, and 17. Miss-step. Stories can be found here.
  • Chalk and Cheese published the first 5 parts of the "Four Left Feet" series by Linda Terrell. The series (in order): Four Left Feet, Four More Feet, The Last Few Feet, No Mean Feet, In Our Dark Souls. The sixth and final part "Learning To Trust" can be found on the circuit library CD.
  • Chalk and Cheese published the first 8 parts of Jane Mailander's "Quanta Leap' series. The series, in order: 1. Boys i' the Hood - in Chalk and Cheese 9; 2. Bodiana Jones and the Eye of Argon - also in Chalk and Cheese 10; 3. Dances with Bulls - also in Chalk and Cheese 11; 4. We're Going to Danteland - also in Chalk and Cheese 12; 5. The Clueless Pair - also in Chalk and Cheese 13;  ; 6. I Never Metamorphosis I Didn't Like - also in Chalk and Cheese 14; 7. The Haunting - also in Chalk and Cheese 15; 8. Open Wide and Say "Arr" - also in Chalk and Cheese 16. The 9th and final part ("Dead Ship Floating") - only appears in B and D's Excellent Adventures.