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Name: HG
Type: writer
Fandoms: The Professionals, Cassidy, Facelift, The Fugitive
URL: fiction on A03; on The Hatstand Archive; on the Online Circuit Archive; on The Hatstand website
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HG is a slash writer in The Professionals fandom.

HG and Strange Days Indeed

Remember Angola was the first Professionals slash fanzine printed and sold. It was published in 1981 and was written by Anne Lewis. After reading the story, fan writer HG was inspired to write a similar story called Strange Days Indeed.

Morgan Dawn remembers fans discussing the story in 1996 when there was an uproar over Anne Higgins writing an alternative ending to Sebastian's "Catharsis":
I remember UK fans telling us that 'Remember Angola' was a very hush-hush story which for some reason you were *Not Supposed To Have Read* - although of course everyone had. The poor quality of the many-times secretly photocopied text gave one a definite thrill to read it, since rumor had it that the author had died young and under mysterious circumstances. HG rewrote the story with everyone sworn to secrecy (in the end she acknowledged the original story when her rewrite was republished in 1999). In many ways, the situation was similar to the Sebastian rewrite, i.e the author wasn't around to give permission, so perhaps some people felt it wasn't ethical for anyone to do a rewrite. But the rewrite was widely thought to be an improvement, so I guess ethics took a quick bow and retired. In the end, fandom split between being horrified and being thrilled at being gifted with something new to consume." [1]

Zines in Which HG's Work Appears


This list was compiled by Joan Martin in 1996 with HG's help. More recent stories may not be included. Additional sources include the online Circuit Archive

  • Alarums and Excursions
  • Anticlimax (Original Publication: September 1985, Paper Circuit; published in Uncharted Waters 12, Crevichon Press, 1995; revised version published in HG Collected 2, Doghouse Press, 2002) (Prequel: No Strings)
  • Beggar's Banquet
  • Black Sheep
  • Butterfingers
  • Clap Hands (Original Publication: Down Under Express 6, Batho)
  • Communications Gap
  • Conundrum/Room with a View
  • A Day in the Life
  • A Discerning Eye
  • Driving Seat [Stepping Stones 1]
  • Emerging from the Smoke (Prequel: Leap in the Dark by Tarot)
  • Flash Point
  • Flu 2 [with (Sebastian)
  • Foiled Again
  • Gruff & Grim [Gruff and Grim 1]
  • Harmonious Tongues
  • Head Start (Original Publication: Alter Egos 1, Doghouse Press, 1996; reprinted in HG Collected 2, Doghouse Press, 2002)
  • Honours Even
  • Hunter Home from the Hill
  • Insurance Policy
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Joint Venture
  • Keyword
  • Kissing with Confidence
  • Knee-Trembler
  • Knife Edge (Original Publication: Unprofessional Conduct 7, Gryphon Press, 1997)
  • Leftovers (Original Publication: December 27, 2007)
  • Lights Out
  • Loose Change [prequel to Rediscovered . . .] Notes: O Yardley has written two additional sequels to HG's Rediscovered in a Graveyard series: Some Things Never Change and Zoetrope
  • Master of the Revels [Zax]
  • Modus Vivendi
  • No Strings/Anticlimax
  • No Unicorns [with Sebastian]
  • On the First Day of Christmas . . ./. . . My True Love Sent to Me
  • Open Book
  • Opening Gambit
  • 'Orses for Courses
  • The Peerless Pair
  • Private Performance
  • Queen and Country [Stepping Stones]
  • Quick on the Draw?
  • Rainbow Chasers
  • Rediscovered in a Graveyard - [Some Things Never Change/Zoetrope--O Yardley are sequels]
  • Rude Awakening
  • Scapegoat [Stepping Stones 4]
  • Situation Normal
  • Sleeping Partners
  • Strange Days Indeed
  • Surfer's Tension
  • Team Spirit [Stepping Stones 3]
  • Temporary Assignment [Stepping Stones 2]
  • Two in a Bunk [with Sebastian]
  • U-Turn [Stepping Stones]
  • Ultimatum (Unprofessional Conduct 3, Gryphon Press, 1994 )
  • Vacant Possession/Full House
  • Valentine
  • Waiting Game/Input [Consequences]
  • The Well-I-Never-Wanted-To-Leave-Anyway Hatstand
  • X-Ray-Ted [Gruff and Grim 3]
  • The Ying Tong Song [Chalet School]
  • Zipper
  • Zig-Zag [as the Lusty Troot]


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