Walking in the Moonlight

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Title: Walking in the Moonlight
Publisher: Friends Will Be Friends Press
Editor(s): Sharon F, Carol Hunterton, Darien Duck, Linda Neel, and Sarah Leibold
Date(s): October 1989 (available at ZebraCon, according to the flyer)
Medium: print
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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Walking in the Moonlight is a slash 210-page anthology. It has the subtitle: "You and I." Stories and artwork by Sarah Leinbold, Ellis Ward, Rachel Duncan, cartoons by Karen Eaton and many more.

Reactions and Reviews

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I saw a flyer for the Pros zine WALKING IN THE MOONLIGHT at CaliCon last June, and I was curious enough about them to send in a deposit. I enjoyed all the stories, especially [Sharon F's] "Circles" and the raunchy blue jean fantasy that takes place in an Oxfam store and then a posh men's clothing store's dressing room. [1]


  1. from Short Circuit #1 (April 1990)