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For fans with similar names, see Sharon.
Name: Sharon F
Alias(es): [S. F.]
Type: fan writer, fan poet
Fandoms: Star Trek, The Professionals, Star Wars, Stargate
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Sharon F wrote a significant amount of slash fan fiction in the 1970s and continued up through the 2000s.

In addition to her fan fiction, she also wrote fan poetry, and edited three fanzines: Walking in the Moonlight, Teo Torriate (The Professionals) and Not Tonight Spock!, a Star Trek letterzine.

Her fan works won her both a FanQ (1985 - Best Star Wars Fan Poet) and two STIFFIE Awards: 1994 - Who Dares Wins (Professionals) and 1998 - Bittersweet (Short Story) (Professionals).

In recent years, she had been active in Stargate fandom and volunteered on the Stargate fan website: gateworld.

She passed on February 27, 2014 of cancer.

Prose Fanworks

Starsky & Hutch Fanworks

Star Trek

Star Wars

These may not be by Sharon F, but by Sharon Ferraro:

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