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For fans with similar names, see Sharon.
Name: Sharon F
Alias(es): [S. F.]
Type: fan writer, fan poet
Fandoms: Star Trek, The Professionals, Stargate
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Sharon F wrote a significant amount of slash fan fiction in the 1970s and continued up through the 2000s.

In addition to her fan fiction, she also wrote fan poetry, and edited four Professionals fanzines: Walking in the Moonlight, Teo Torriate, Who Dares Wins, and Not Tonight Spock!, a Star Trek: TOS letterzine.

Her fan works won her both a FanQ (1985 - Best Star Wars Fan Poet) and two STIFFIE Awards: 1994 - Who Dares Wins (Professionals) and 1998 - Bittersweet (Short Story) (Professionals).

Sharon's Pros fiction is here.

In recent years, she had been active in Stargate fandom and volunteered on the Stargate fan website: gateworld.

She passed on February 27, 2014 of cancer.

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