Imprisoned by Mistake

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The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: Imprisoned by Mistake
Author(s): Anonymous/Sharon F
Date(s): 1986
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
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Imprisoned by Mistake is a Professionals story by "Anonymous" (Sharon F).

It was published in The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement #7 and it 10 pages long.

It is a fix-it for the author's much-discussed story Loving Can Be a Heavy Cross.

Reactions and Reviews

This might satisfy some of those who didn't like the he's-not-really-dead ending of LCBAHC but I don't likes sending Doyle off the deep end. I had been so proud of him for surviving. Let Astrid have Peter Skellen, but let Doyle stop hiding.[1]


  1. from The Hatstand Express #14