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Are you looking for the multimedia fanzine Dial S or The Best of DIAL: 1997-2002?

Title: Discovered In A Letterbox
Editor(s): Jill R., S.W.
Type: letterzine
Date(s): 1997-2002
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English

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Discovered In A Letterbox (also known as "DIAL") is a Professionals slash letterzine published quarterly in England by two successive editors (Jill R. to issue #14 and S.W. to issue #24) from 1997 to 2002.

After issue #24, DIAL was taken over by a fan in America but despite many promises,[1] no other issues were ever produced.

The Issues: Summaries

See the subpages for details about individual issues, including quoted opinions and summaries of fannish views on topics then current:

Subpages for Discovered In A Letterbox:

The DIAL Fiction Compilation Zine

The Best of DIAL: 1997-2002 is a collection of stories from issues of the letterzine and was published as a thank you to subscribers when the letterzine ceased publication.

About DIAL

Contributions on disk or e-mail were welcomed (formats: Word for Windows 2, WordPerfect 5.1. or Text-only).

cover of issue #1 (copy), covers 2- 16 look similar with color variations
"EDITORIAL POLICY: The idea is to foster good-humoured conversation; therefore, the opinions of other subscribers must be treated with respect. Any criticism of a named author or story must be positive in tone. I reserve the right to edit letters, reviews and articles. Contributions of whatever kind may be published under pen-names or real names, whichever you prefer; please make your intentions clear. If any part of your letter is not for publication, please make that clear as well."

The goal was to cover as "wide a range as possible: letters, fiction, reviews, artwork, a bulletin board for adverts and wants lists, zine flyers, news of the actors, story ideas, convention details, forthcoming publications - fill in the gaps for yourselves. Feel free to write on anything you'd like to discuss, from suggestions for what the zine should include to debates about your favourite stories."

Fiction that had not yet been widely circulated and art was welcomed. The editor also indicated that she did not want the letterzine to be posted online.

General Content

The general contents of the letterzine varied over time as new sections were added or removed. But the initial issues contain the following:

  • Letter Column (letters from readers)
  • Oyez, Oyez! - Fan Noticeboard
  • Con Reports
  • Artwork
  • Flyers And Stuff
  • An Actor's Life (news about the actors)
  • Zine Reviews
  • Hatstand Revisited: Fiction

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  1. ^ Some fans were disappointed with the move and felt hurt that “despite many promises” no further editions were published. Source: unknown contributor at the The Professionals Timeline