Compounded Interest

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Title: Compounded Interest
Publisher: Paranoid Press, then AMC Press, then Requiem Publications
Date(s): 1992-1996
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: multimedia & The Professionals
Language: English
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Compounded Interest is a slash multifandom anthology. It had a great deal of Professionals content.

They were first published by AMC Press beginning in 1992. In 2018, they were reissued in print and PDF by Requiem Publications.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, by TACS. The cover shows an AU Bodie, most likely from the story Shaman, which is a historical AU set in the American West

Compounded Interest 1 was published in 1992 and contains 256 pages. It has color art by TACS.

  • Antidote to Apples by Kris Brown (Pros) (In the Poison Apples series, "Antidote to Apples" by Kris Brown is the third in the sequence begun in "Poison Apples" by Pamela Rose (in Proslib and on the net), and is a direct sequel to "Apples for the Lady" by T. D. Murphy in In the Public Interest 3, which some people consider to be anti-slash. Kris Brown's story is said to "fix" the changes made to the original slash relationship set up in Pam Rose's story, hence the title "Antidote to Apples". [1])
  • The Captain's Boy by Frannie (Pros) (Historical AU)
  • Shaman by TACS (Pros) (Historic AU set in the American West)
  • Green Pastures (War of the Worlds)
  • On the Other Side of the Border (MacGyver)
  • Jake and Me (Jake and the Fatman) (Max, an English bulldog, featured on ‘Jake and the Fatman’, tells of an evening, from his point of view.)
  • Into the Valley of Death (War of the Worlds)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

See reactions and reviews for Antidote to Apples.

Issue 2

cover issue #2, by TACS: Illo for "Lammas Night by Kris Brown, a Bodie/Doyle AU

Compounded Interest 2 was published in 1993 and contains 184 pages.

None of the artists are identified in the zine itself but appears to be by TACS and someone with an unidentifiable signature.

  • Guardian Angel by Mac Jordan--Just how far back in Bodie’s past has Cowley been involved in shaping agent 3.7’s career? Bodie finds this out and more when he volunteers to care for the Cow after an accident puts the CI5 Controller out of commission. (Pros) (1)
  • Pub Scrawl by Mac Jordan--An addendum to "Guardian Angel" or something you might find on the wall of the men's room at CI5. (Pros, Bodie/Cowley) (32)
  • Karma by Atira Kei--Castillo takes on an old enemy who creates a new problem - and Crockett is the unfortunate victim. (Miami Vice, Crockett/Castillo) (33)
  • Never Argue with the Doctor by Shadowfax--What if Gavin met Huw? After all, Chris and Fliss did move to London and left their old house mate to fend for himself and even temps can't be everything Gavin needs. (Cuckoo Waltz/Doctor in the House) (47)
  • For All Seasons by TACS--Harrison decides that he and Ironhorse need a few days of R & R - only to Paul's chagrin, by the time they leave, it's in the middle of a snowstorm. But once there, Blackwood shows his companion a secret that warms the colonel's heart. (War of the Worlds, Ironhorse/Blackwood) (62)
  • The Kiss by Storm--Blake gets an unexpected answer from Avon. A little bit of fluff. (Blake's 7, Blake/Avon) (72)
  • Questions at Night by Shadowfax--Doyle accidentally shoots an innocent bystander. Doyle blames himself for accidentally shooting a woman and possibly leaving her blind. He thinks about leaving CI5. Bodie and Cowley work to solve the case. It turns out that she was an unwitting pawn of a turncoat minister. D visits her in the hospital and strikes up a friendship with her. She talks D into staying with CI5. Fortunately, her blindness is temporary. Throughout B is there to give his lover D emotional support. [2] (Pros, Bodie/Doyle) (74)
  • When Do You Want to Do It? by Setter--More fluff. Seems Bodie is pressuring Doyle into something the boy may not be ready for. (Pros) (94)
  • I Samuel 20:4 by Windy--After he is kidnapped and almost killed, Ironhorse escapes and Harrison sees that Paul is filled with self-doubts about himself and his abilities, so the doctor forces him into facing his own inner strengths and telling him at the same time that Blackwood is there for him as well. (War of the Worlds, Ironhorse/Blackwood) (96)
  • Silent Night by TACS--A short story that takes place somewhere just outside the TV series. (War of the Worlds) (136)
  • Lammas Night by Kris Brown--Alternative Universe, Bodie/Doyle. Traveling wizard Rion (Ray) stops in a village that has lost its resident wizard, who mysteriously disappeared some months ago. As he settles into the former wizard's home he feels a presence watching him and is drawn to it. He realizes it's the other wizard's spirit and sees him in a crystal ball. Kes (Bodie) tries to influence Rion to cast a spell to return his spirit to a new body. Rion does this. They join forces to defeat whatever evil being banished Kes in the first place. But the creature may return one day. Rion and Kes become lovers and decide to live together as the town's wizards. [3] (Pros) (139)

Issue 3

Compounded Interest 3 was published in 1994 and contains 164 pages.

this cover is the 164-page edition
cover of one version of issue #3, by TACS, this cover is the 184-page edition.

There appear to be two editions published in 1994. Each edition has a different cover.

One contains 184 pages and has art by TACS and RAG.

Mystery! One edition contains an extra lengthy Equalizer story, "Unlikely Cupids," but despite this, is 20 pages shorter than the other issue, clocking in at 164 pages. The art in this edition, while completely uncredited, appears to be all by TACS.

The TOC from the 184 page edition.

  • Cries in the Night by MacJordan (Pros) (9 pages)
  • A Clown's Cannon by Setter (Pros) (12 pages)
  • From the Shadows by MacJordan (Pros) (3 pages)
  • The Other Side by Setter (Pros) (38 pages)
  • Once Upon a Doily by TACS (Pros) (2 pages)
  • Shadows from the Past by Shadowfax (Pros) (A new terrorist bombing campaign has begun in London. Doyle is brooding; it reminds him of the deaths of friends from his copper days. The lads have been in a sexual relationship for a while but now realize they are in love.)
  • The Storyteller by MacJordan (Pros, AU) (15 pages)
  • Sequel/Spin offs We Don't Want to See by Nun deScript (Multifandom)
  • Barricades by Windy (Equalizer) (8 pages)
  • Heart of a Fool by Kris Brown (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) (18 pages)
  • Time Thoughts by Margaret MacDonald (Blake's 7, A/V poem)
  • Fifth Season Pillow Talk by Margaret MacDonald (Blake's 7, A/V)
  • Beginning of the Final Problem by Fran Heath (Sherlock Holmes) (H/W) (first person, Watson-PO, First Time)
  • Con Job by Mac Jordan (Multifandom) (19 pages)

The TOC of the 164-page edition.

  • Cries in the Night by MacJordan (Pros) (1)
  • Unlikely Cupids by Windy (Equalizer) (9)
  • A Clown's Cannon by Setter (Pros) (24)
  • Sequel/Spin offs We Don't Want to See by Nun deScript (Multifandom) (36)
  • Barricades by Windy (Equalizer) (38)
  • From the Shadows by MacJordan (Pros) (46)
  • Heart of a Fool by Kris Brown (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) (49)
  • Time Thoughts by Margaret MacDonald (Blake's 7, A/V poem) (68)
  • The Other Side by Setter (Pros) (69)
  • Once Upon a Doily by TACS (Pros) (108)
  • Fifth Season Pillow Talk by Margaret MacDonald (Blake's 7, A/V) (110)
  • Shadows from the Past by Shadowfax (Pros) (112)
  • Beginning of the Final Problem by Fran Heath (Sherlock Holmes) (H/W) (first person, Watson-PO, First Time) (126)
  • Con Job by MacJordan (Multifandom) (130)
  • The Storyteller by MacJordan (Pros) 149)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4
another cover of issue #4, TACS
art from issue #4, TACS

Compounded Interest 4 was published in 1995 and contains 216 pages and art by TACS.

  • Let's Give Them Something to Talk About by Atira Kei (DS9) ) (Apparently Garak and Bashir's continued lunches and companionship haven't gone unnoticed by DS9 officers or Bajoran populace and soon substantiated rumors on a relationship between the two are causing problems on the station.) (1)
  • Miles To Go by James Walkswithwind (Forever Knight ((LaCroix is feeling somewhat lonely and langs for the company of Nickolas, who obligingly shows up to relieve his master's tension.) (19)
  • On the Mend by Jane Mailander (Sherlock Holmes) (first person, first time story told from Watson's point of view. After a near death experience for Watson, Homes realizes how much his companion means to him.) (27)
  • The Wait - (Professionals) (Bodie shows his emotions in this poem.) (38)
  • The Call by EMERYS (The Professionals) - poem (Doyle is drawn from his coma because of his partner's needs in this matching piece poem.) (39)
  • Harvest by Margaret MacDonald - Professionals crossover with X-Files (Mulder vacations in England where he meets with Murphy, who he met while at Oxford. Flashbacks of their first meeting and how/if their friendship continued when they meet again years later.) (40)
  • Random Acts by Pamela T. (DS9) (Bashir gets drunk on some old brandy, dredging up old bitter memories and turns to Garek to get rid of them.) (85)
  • Calculated Risk by Pamela T. (DS9) (Sequel to Random Acts, Bashir is having an affiar with a Bajoran woman and Garek's despondent because he realizes he has no hold on the doctor. WHen Bashir comes to his quarters, the Cardassian is torn between his pride and what he really wants.) (97)
  • Master of the Rebels by Jane Mailander (Blake's 7). (spoof of Master of the Revels) (111)
  • Partners of the Month by James Walkswithwind (Unseen Scenes) (Getting through the emotional stress because he wife lift him, Schanke moves in with Nick, however, their close proximation has produced a mental bonding between the two and Don's dreams include Nick, who is constantly being woken by the sexual nature of these dreams.) (Forever Knight) (131)
  • In Mourning's Light by Calvin M. (DS9) ( After returning from the Gamma quadrant, Bashir had suddenly stopped associating with Garak and the Cardassian wants to know why.) (141)
  • Carry Me (Sam is leaped into Vietnam and his purpose is to prevent a prisoner from dying... and in order to accomplish this, he must seduce another prisoner, Al.) (157) (Quantum Leap)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

[Master of the Rebels]: ... a B7 spoof of the Pros slash opus "Master of the Revels". Blake gets knocked on the head during the raid on Central Control and becomes convinced he is a master magician. Jenna Vila & Avon have to disguise themselves as a troupe of performing artistes until Cally can rescue them... This is fun, but not really slash at all, although B does occasionally feel Avon up...[4]

Issue 4.5

Cover of issue #4.5, by TACS. The central image is one of Julian Bashir from DS9. From top left to bottom to top right corner: Batman and Robin, Bashir and Garak (DS9), Bodie and Doyle (Pros), Duncan MacLeod (Highlander), Nick Knight (Forever Knight), and characters from Blake's 7.

Compounded Interest 4.5 was published in 1996 and is 205 pages long. It has art by TACS.

From an ad in 1995: "What do you do when the stories just keep coming and the page count crosses your estimate? Why add a second zine, of course. 4.5 will be available a few weeks after MediaWest (Memorial weekend). Within its pages you will find: Deep Space 9, Pros, Hardcastle & McCormack and Forever Knight. So, just when you've finished off that stack of zines from MediaWest, there's a new issue to add to your collection!"

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4.5

See reactions and reviews for Shutting Doors.


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