Shutting Doors

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Title: Shutting Doors
Author(s): James Walkswithwind
Date(s): 1995/1996
Fandom: Batman
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Shutting Doors is a Batman/Robin slash story by James Walkswithwind that appeared in Compounded Interest in 1996.

It is based on the movies, especially Batman Forever, and was first published to the net in 1995 (or was it just written in 1995?) and later revised in 1999. Shutting Doors is a first time story told from Dick Grayson's POV and was widely recommended on the slash recs pages of the 90s.

Reactions and Reviews

James has written the ultimate Batman/Robin slash fic here; I've recommended it to several people, and I've lost count of the number of folks who've said this fic converted them into B/R fans. The plot is outstanding, and touches on a number of themes -- tension, angst, love...all the things I like best. This one deserves to be famous. [1]
James' series is a coming-of-age story told from Dick's POV. Bruce is seen solely through Dick's eyes, and by that means the reader witnesses plenty of Bruce Wayne's good as well as of his not-so-stellar qualities. Reserved, fiercely protective, and yet determined to keep his own counsel and call all the shots, this Bruce is not always an easy man to like or understand. In this series however, Dick, despite his young age, has the admirable talent for separating truth from bullshit and getting Bruce to talk and to see his side of the story. The result is a balance between two strong personalities that works surprisingly well, and heavily influenced my view of Robin in the Batman-universe. [2]
Based on the movies. This novel-length story weaves expertly in and out of the third and forth movies. James really takes her time here, writing from Dick Grayson’s POV to chronicle the progression of the relationship between the dynamic duo. Simply wonderful, and it has several sequels, too! [3]


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