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Pairing: William Bodie and George Cowley
Alternative name(s):
Gender category:
Fandom: The Professionals
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
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Bodie/Cowley is The Professionals pairing of William Bodie and George Cowley.

Some Example Fanworks

Some Fan Comments

Jane is simply a B/C fan, and has been almost singlehandedly creating B/C fandom for years (in fact, practically all of Jane's friends whom she has brought into fandom start out with B/C, and find the idea of Bodie/Doyle slightly odd -- "But Doyle's straight!") These days B/C doesn't need that kind of excuse, and shows up in mainstream Pros zines -- largely, I think, due to the influence of Jane's work. Other people were writing it as well in the 80s -- I recall Madeleine Lee's "Carnal Interests" and "The Selling Hours," to which her new story in D-NOTICE is a conclusion, and to which Maggie Hall wrote an independent conclusion in a recent Manacles Press zine; and there's always Meg Lewtan's infamous "Ritual Cleansing" -- but I don't think any of those other early B/C stories had the impact that Jane's (and her collaborators') did. Plus, of course, all the ones that I can remember, that I've cited here, work off a conflict between B/D and B/C, while Jane doesn't do that. [1]

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  1. comment at Virgule-L, quoted anonymously with permission (November 19, 1995)