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Name: istia
Alias(es): Nell Howell, Zekiel, Zeke Black [1]
Type: archivist, mailing list moderator and fan writer
Fandoms: The Professionals, Blake's 7, The Magnificent 7
Communities: The Hatstand Archive & The Automated Hatstand
URL: fanfic on AO3
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istia is a Pros fan writer who has founded a number of Pros online communities, including the Pros-Lit mailing list, Hatstand Archive and The Automated Hatstand fan fiction archive. Her fan fiction has appeared in both fanzines as well as online and she has penned many fanzine reviews, which she has given permission to be included on Fanlore.

She was also active in Blake's 7 fandom under the name 'Nell Howell'.

Example Fanworks


  1. ^ "I should probably mention here that 1 of my fannish pseuds (Zeke Black) sounds male, and I have received comments from a few strangers who assumed I'm a guy. Everyone with whom I've interacted in fandom, however, or who has read my journal, I think has always known I'm female. And that I took the name from my female cat, Zeke, who was black. *g* I've mentioned that often enough!" -- Random Thursday, Archived version, October 1, 2015