The Automated Hatstand

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Name: The Automated Hatstand
Date(s): August 25, 2008- August 15, 2017
Archivist: Istia
Founder: Istia
Fandom: The Professionals
URL: Wayback links
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The Automated Hatstand was an efiction automated fanfiction archive for the Professionals fan community. It was a sister site to Hatstand Archive, a Professionals slash website and resource community which is still running.

From the website:

The Automated Hatstand, an efiction archive where authors control their own work and readers can search. This original site is now frozen to new submissions; all stories will now be posted to The Auto Hatstand by the authors themselves. The only fiction that will be added here are some older submissions. If you have any questions, please contact the Hatstander. This site will continue to archive nonfiction resources, however, so please continue to send submissions of that type of material! [1]

On July 6, 2017 istia sent a message to all Automated Hatstand users. It was reposted to the 'ci5' community on Dreamwidth and subsequently to other comms:

I've decided it's time to close this archive. It will cease to exist by 16 August 2017.

I started the Auto Hatstand 9 years ago, in 2008, when there were few options for authors who wanted to have complete control over their own works. Now, however, we have the AO3 and various other sites where people can upload, edit, and delete their stories at will.

I've encouraged Pros fans before to upload their stories to the AO3, which is both free and ad-free. Or some other backup archive. Like any single-person owned site, the Auto Hatstand was always likely to go away at some point.

Since nobody has uploaded any new fic for two years, I'm happy to assume most members have already found other places to post their fic. Yay!

I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but now is the time to grab any fic here you want to save and to backup all your own works elsewhere if you haven't already.

Thank you for making the Auto Hatstand a success in its time! :) [2]

At the time of closing there were 698 individual stories in the archive. 548 were known to be available elsewhere, either through an online archive or proslib.[3]