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Mailing List
Name: Pros-Lit
Date(s): August 2001-present
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Cassie Ingaben and Istia (original)
Type: fan fic, discussion
Fandom: The Professionals
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The Pros-Lit mailing list was created on 19th August 2001 on Yahoo Groups. The mailing list was intended to be a broad based discussion of Pros fandom topics, however meta dicussions of Pros fandom was not permitted. Cassie Ingaben and Istia are listed as one of the co-moderators. By November 2001, additional moderators are formally listed and include: "Amanda, Cassie, Jan, Jess, and Silvia." Istia temporarily stepped down in November 2001, but would later return as admin.

From the November 2001 FAQ:

"Q: What? *Another* Pros slash discussion list? What on earth *for*?

A: The founders of this list feel that there's a need in this fandom for a place where people can discuss everything and anything related to Pros fully, frankly and openly and without distracting digressions into the ethics of discussion itself. The very existence of this list makes our position clear: we love discussion, and we're hoping that other people who enjoy discussing Pros will join us in making this list an energetic and invigorating place."

Unlike some mailing lists which required that discussion of fanfic to be geared towards assisting the writer to improve their writing and therefore needed to focus on constructive writing feedback, fan fic discussion on the Pros-Lit mailing list is discussion for and by readers.

Again from the November 2001 FAQ: "If the author is present and wants to join in, that's great, but she shouldn't *expect* to hear only constructive criticism. On the other hand, she may hear all sorts of positive and helpful comments.

Q: What if an author doesn't want her story to be discussed?

A: All stories that are publically circulated in any way are open to discussion no matter what the author may wish. If an author objects to comments made about her story, she should respond on a textual level. Insults levelled (sic) at other list members by authors whose stories have been critiqued will not be tolerated any more than insults directed at an author will be allowed."