Cassie Ingaben

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Name: Cassie Ingaben
Alias(es): Maf
Type: fan writer, vidder, podficcer
Fandoms: The Professionals, From Eroica with Love, Sherlock (TV series)
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Cassie Ingaben has been a fan since 1995. She discovered fandom when reading about it in an essay by Constance Penley. After some searching (fandom was relatively underground back then), she made contact; she went to her first fan con (RevelCon, got on the Virgule mailing list, and joined The Professionals fandom. Cassie has identified as an acafan in the years 2000-2020 but she always saw herself as primarily a fan who dabbled with academia. in 2015-2019 he took a semi-hiatus from fandom for RL reasons, but she's become very active again since 2019.

Cassie spent spent 15 years as a fan of British TV series The Professionals; then she became a fan of the manga From Eroica with Love. She also spent time as a fan of BBC Sherlock (TV series). Cassie is primarily a writer; however, since 2020 she's branched out into audio and video productions such as podfics, fan mockumentaries, and cover art. Everything Cassie produces is on the AO3; most of her work is in the Eroica fandom, but she is also credited for (mostly small) parts in multi-voice podfics.

Cassie is currently active on Discord and on the Eroica mailing list on

All of her fanworks are at Archive of Our Own.

The Professionals Fandom

She was involved in indexing The Professionals circuit stories.

Cassie Ingaben was a founder and co-moderator of Pros-Lit, a Pros mailing list created on 19th August 2001.

Some of her Pros fiction is also archived at The Circuit Archive and The Hatstand.

In the 1990s and early 2000s she created a personal database of Pros fanzine and circuit stores with summaries. It has been archived here.

The From Eroica with Love Fandom

Cassie Ingaben is a founder and co-moderator of the Eroica mailing list on ([1])

Some of her Eroica fiction is also archived at