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Name: Meg Lewtan (pseud)
Alias(es): Indra (for K/S)
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Professionals, Harry and Johnny
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Meg Lewtan is a prolific Australian Professionals slash fan fiction writer. Her work is divided between stories published in fanzines and work found in the printed circuit library. Some of her fanzine stories were later released to the circuit library. She specialized in "hysterical historical novels" AUs and poetry, along with canon focused fanfic.[1] Still, it is her historical AUs that have perhaps gained the most fannish attention. She also wrote in the Harry and Johnny fandom.


A March 2011 interview with Meg is at The Hatstand/WebCite.

Much of the 2011 interview posted at The Hatstand was duplicate information from A 1989 Interview with Meg Lewtan.

In an interview given in the 1980s to the author of Enterprising Women, she expressed her mixed feelings about writing AUs: "I have a real problem with it [alternate universe] in that I like to hang my stories on the series. I very rarely write alternate universe fact I have written three....I personally think it is fun. I do it for fun." [1]

Her Fiction

Her three historical AU novels are all three set in the Victorian Era: Bird in a Gilded Cage, Murder on the Moor and Luck of the Draw. One story was set in the regency period ("Traitor's Fate")

She has also written contemporary AUs such as Camera Shy and its sequel Stage Fright along An Affair to Remember and its sequel Heir Apparent. All of these works became part of the circuit library, although Camera Shy was later withdrawn from the circuit when it was republished as a gay novel.

Some Fan Reaction

Meg Lewtan did her usual excellent job; what I love most about her stories is that she always seems to show just what bastards these guys can really be to each other -- intentionally, or not -- but at the end, their love for each other really does 'conquer all, doesn't it? [2]

Meg Lewtan has always been one of my favorite authors in B/D fandom and the only problem in writing a letter about her stories is knowing which stories to mention... When I first entered B/D fandom, Meg's were some of the first stories I read via THE. Her work certainly helped to hook me on these two special characters and the diversity of universes that contain them.

To choose a favorite story is difficult, but I would like to mention some of Meg's stories which I have read and reread time and time again. "The Portrait" comes to mind immediately from Meg's stories in THE. I found her portrayal of the characters in this story very well done - Bodie's jealousy is so well handled - and it concludes with one of the hottest sex scenes in fandom. "Camera Shy" and "Stage Fright" are two of my favorite alternate universe stories. The Bodie in these stories is a wonderful creation. This is a man I could see as fully capable of being a mercenary and doing all the things that being a part of CI5 implies - including those jobs that most fans don't like to think about our "lads" doing. His falling in love with Doyle is expertly handled and fully believable. I also like the Doyle in this story immensely. To watch a character as wounded as this one fight his way back to finally be able to love another human being is fascinating. What I especially like is this is a relationship with a lot of problems that need to be worked out. They are not the perfect couple and Meg shows them having to work at their relationship and their life together. She has made them charaters I come to care about and watch with interest to see how they work out their life together. "Bird in a Gilded Cage" is one of my favorite reads when it comes to historicals. Meg maintains a wonderful, light touch in her bow to those heavy breathing, bodice-ripping, improbably plotted novels so popular with so many. It's one of the best ways I know to escape a pressurized world when life gets a bit too fraught to deal with.

I have any number of other personal favorites among Meg's stories. The "Shirt Tales" series is a charming, funny and very clever way of looking at Bodie and Doyle. "Up Jumped a Swagman" is an interesting look at the relationship between these two men and a tantalizing glimpse of Bodie's murky past.

In summary, I want to thank Meg for her willingness to share her personal fantasies of Bodie and Doyle with me. Her writing has brought me many hours of fannish enjoyment and, hopefully, will provide me with many more. [3]

In many ways, Meg Lewtan's stories were my introduction to Pros fandom. Because her work was THE, her work was presented on a consistent, regular basis which allowed for a genuine appreciation of her writing skill, her ability to tell an engrossing story. Her characters are always complex and interesting whether they be Bodie, Doyle and Murphy or one of the secondary characters she has created to help tell the story. The skill with which she crafts a story is subtle, evident in the well-drawn, descriptive passages that serve to create the texture and backdrop of a story. And her sex scenes are the best written in fandom. They are always hot, well done and never boring or mechanical.

I enjoy the SHIRT TALE series. They are clever and the clothing captures the personality of its wearer perfectly. THE PORTRAIT was an early favorite as I enjoy stories which touch on the very personal, carefully hidden facets of Bodie and Doyle's personalities and this story does this so well. KILL ON COMMAND was excellent because not only were the characters well drawn but the story itself was engrossing. It's a scenario I can readily imagine coming from Cowley. The interaction of Bodie, Doyle and Murphy provided insight into their characters, something Meg does so well in many of her stories. BABES IN THE WOOD was another story of this ilk. The situation itself was so believable. Doyle, for his absence, was a major presence which demonstrates the skill with which Meg's stories are written. Bodie's thoughts and actions were so right for this sort of situation. WAR GAMES was another story which blended a very CI5 situation with insights into the characters.

This same skill is carried over into her historical/alternate universe pieces. BIRD IN A GILDED CAGE is engrossing, believable, a thoroughly enjoyable read that captures the essence of a gothic romance and combines it with two characters I love. CAMERA SHY/STAGE FRIGHT are among my favorite of favorites. I find the choice of occupation for Doyle especially appealing. That he is drawn from both Doyle and Martin Shaw is amusing and makes the character seem quite real. This sense of reality would make these two stories excellent movies. Again, the background detail, the characterization and the scenario combine to make each of these stories so complete and satisfying.

It is Meg's ability to tell a story as well as provide the reader with insight into motivation and character that is the hallmark of each of her pieces. It also sets her work apart from so much that is being written in fandom. [4]

Professionals Bibliography

Her Professionals work:

Her Harry and Johnny work:


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