Kill on Command

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Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: Kill on Command
Author(s): Meg Lewtan
Date(s): 75kb or 20 typewritten pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
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Kill on Command is a Bodie/Doyle story by Meg Lewtan.

It was published in The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement #2 and later released to the circuit.


"Murphy's probationary period is over and Cowley has entrusted him with the job of eliminating a traitor in CI5's midst, Bodie. Murphy is so torn by the conflict between his loyalty to CI5 and the loyalty he feels for his friend that the psychological distress nearly breaks him. Bodie and Doyle's insistence upon helping him with whatever problem he's having only exacerbates the issue."[1]
"C tells Murphy that B is a traitor and he has to kill him. Murphy is really upset as he his a bit in love with B -- to make him worse, B&D have realized something is wrong, and try to help getting him to talk, and offering sexual comfort (B while D watches -- they all know that Murphy is really taken with B). In the end, Murphy resigns as he is more loyal to people than to CI5, and can't believe B is guilty -- and he isn't! It was a psychological test all new agents go through (B&D too: theirs was a setup where they were accused of killing a civilian). Eventually, B&D stayed on -- and Murphy might, too."[2]

Reactions and Reviews

I see [Bodie and Doyle] as having a very special sort of love just for each other, that nobody else would ever be able to touch, or even come close to sharing with them; being a 'romantic' again, I'd like to think there'd be no other MEN for them, but I can still see them having women on the side, while being lovers with each other. The way I best like to think of it is probably described most closely in 'Kill On Command' by Meg Lewtan (THE Fiction Supplement #2). Bodie made love to Murph and Doyle was able to freely allow that, because he and Bodie are so secure in their love for each other, and their place in each other's lives, they KNOW they never need to worry about anyone usurping that love, or that importance—no matter who (WHOM?) either of them might also make love with! That's the way I like to think of their relationship, but— while that's certainly a lovely idea, I wonder how HUMANLY possible even that situation could be? Wouldn't normal 'jealousy' rear its head, sooner or later possessiveness? It would have to be a very, very loving and mature relationship to have such a 'free' attitude as the one I'd like to believe in for B/D.[3]
KILL ON COMMAND was excellent because not only were the characters well drawn but the story itself was engrossing. It's a scenario I can readily imagine coming from Cowley. The interaction of Bodie, Doyle and Murphy provided insight into their characters, something Meg does so well in many of her stories.[4]


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