The Pros Theme Zine

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Title: Pros Theme Zine
Editor(s): Noel Silva
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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Pros Theme Zine is a slash collection of fiction that was in previous Professionals theme zines.

The original theme zines were created to be given away and copied at will.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Pros Theme Zine 1 contains 271 pages.

Coming from Behind

Open All Night

Note: Parts 1-4 of Meg Lewtan's "Shirt Tales" series can be found in the circuit library.

Over the Top

  • Approval by M.A. Calhoon
  • Death Us Do Part by TooLoose

Right Down to the Belt

  • Ordinary, Everyday Things by Kris Brown
  • Lovers' Quarrel by Elaine Holden
  • Turnabout by Noel Silva/Kris Brown
  • Getting Right Down to It by Shoshanna
  • Speaking in Tongues by Susan Douglass
  • Hors de Combat by Elara Hall
  • For Baby and Me by Lily Fulford (part 6 of her 7 part "Murphy" series)

Note: Lily Fulford's "Murphy" series was published in the following locations: 1. 'Luck of the Irish aka The Murphy Story' (paper circuit library); 2. 'Pleasure Purchase' - in Adult Situations 5; 3. 'On Hold' - in Adult Situations 3; 4. 'Return Call' - in Bride of Frisky Business; 5. 'Danger' - in The Pros Theme Zine II; 6. 'For Baby and Me aka Treasure Island' - in Pros Theme Zine I; 7. Deck the Halls (paper circuit library)

In the Lift

  • In the Lift by Sirena
  • Thank You by Ellis Ward
  • An Uplifting Opportunity by Kris Brown
  • A Dream is a Wish by Lily Fulford
  • Beyond Acceptance by M.A. Calhoon
  • Dark Secrets by Sharon F

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Pros Theme Zine 2 contains 360 pages.

Slippery When Wet

  • Slippery...Wet or Dry by M.A. Calhoun
  • Something New by Patt
  • Gifts by Kris Brown
  • Drifting by Patt
  • Kissing with Confidence by H.G.
  • Hot by Patt
  • Ship of Fools by TooLoose
  • 'Twas the Day Before Christmas by TooLoose

Across the Table

  • Separate Tables by MCK
  • Breakthrough by Andrea McKay
  • Evolution by Ann
  • Future Tense by Sharon F
  • Under Surveillance by Ellis Ward
  • To Tell the Truth by TooLoose
  • Across and Under the Table by Kris Brown
  • Summer in the City by Lily Fulford (Sugar is Sweet Universe) 8

Note: 'Summer in the City" is part 8 of 10 in Lily Fulford's "Sugar is Sweet Universe." The remaining parts, in order are: 1. Roses are Red - in the paper circuit library; 2. Violets are Blue - in the CD circuit library; 3. Sugar is Sweet - in Frisky Business 7; 4. And So Are You - in the CD circuit library; 5. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - in the paper circuit; 6. ...And a Happy New Year - in the CD circuit library; 7. Love is Enough - in the CD circuit library; 8. Summer in the City - in Pros Theme Zine II; 9. Bilbo - in Free For All; 10. Masters in this Hall - in the paper circuit.

Up Against the Wall

  • Farewell, Miami Vice by Meg Lewtan
  • Against the Wall by GC
  • Fulfillment by Diva
  • Danger by Lily Fulford
  • Consequences of the Job by Kris Brown
  • El Muro Depiedra des Trescrentos Amantes by MCK
  • Quiet Efforts by Shoshanna
  • White Swallow by Mozart
  • Kink by Courtney Gray
  • Any Port in the Storm by TooLoose
  • Fly on the Wall by Lezlie Shell
  • Cocktale by Gavin Blue
  • Gay Paree by Randi O. Toad

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

In Quiet Efforts, Doyle has become uncomfortably self-conscious over the fact that Bodie is always unnaturally quiet during their lovemaking, which is otherwise good. He makes it his goal to make Bodie lose control, to cry out, to talk during sex. In the face of Ray's expectations, though, Bodie feels pressured and awkward and is unable to do what Ray wants, until Ray finally realizes his error and takes a different approach entirely. This is one of Shoshanna's earliest Pros fics. I love her writing; she captures the characters and their voices exceptionally well and manages to convey depth of affection without saying too much, or making the characters say too much. This is a modest, unassuming little story, but it's gorgeous and sweet and deeply loving and incredibly sexy. [1]


  1. from a 2005 comment at Crack Van