Bride of Frisky Business

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Title: Bride of Frisky Business
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press
Editor(s): Ann Teitelbaum and Dar F
Date(s): 1990?
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Bride of Frisky Business is a 98-page slash multifandom anthology.



For other Frisky zines, see Frisky Business.

Submission Request

Deadline 9-30-90. It's alive! It's alive! We've created a monster, and there's no way to destroy it! Looking for any sexually explicit adult pairings (menages, or groupings) from any fandom except K/S, S/S, or ST:TNG. Particularly interested in seeing Tequila Sunrise, Alien Nation and Major Dad (either Mac/Polly or Mac/Hollowachuk ~ or all three!) fiction. Slash-couplings preferred, but straight are now welcome, too. No min/max. page limit — remember, it's not how long it is, but what you do with it that counts! New writers always welcome! SASE for writer's guide/final notification.