Up Against the Wall

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You may be looking for Off the Wall, a Star Trek: TOS zine.

Title: Up Against the Wall
Publisher: Noel Silva
Date(s): 1989
Medium: print
Size: 70 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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Up Against the Wall is a slash 70-page Professionals anthology. It is a theme zine. The zine has several uncredited black and white illustrations.


"...it is not true that only trib copies were printed. Fifty copies were printed and forty were passed out at Zebracon 9 to friends of the contributors. Ten were sold and the money donated to the Pediatric Aids Foundation. Since the zine was deliberately produced to be given away, fifty was the most that the editor could afford to print. It was her way of returning something to fandom, the same reason all of us agreed to write a story for the zine. I have gotten a lot of friendship and enjoyment from Pros, and since Noel had this interesting theme, putting together a zine with the stories was a good way to do our part... I enjoy getting zines, and I do buy most Pros zines. It is nice to read a story that has been edited and has fewer typos than the library stories tend to, and the artwork is great. However, one of the greatest things about Pros fandom is that people can get stories without doing anything but asking. You only have to pay copy costs and you get lots and lots of stories. Sure I bitch about missing lines, bad grammar, typos, etc. but this writing is from my family and I love them, mistakes and all. Same goes for a free zine. Anyway, I hope I've made my point and that all the misconceptions are cleared up because I'm also giving everyone a warning! From the folks who brought you "Up Against the Wall," "Right Down to the Belt". This will again be a VERY small print run (actually xerox not print). It will again be FREE. And at least one copy will be given to the library. It should be available by the end of this year, 1990. So keep your eyes open for the library listings. Or talk to people at cons. Someone is likely to have a copy." [1]


The Series

The Theme Zines: (The Theme Zines are also collected in two Pros Theme Zine anthologies.)


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  1. from Cold Fish and Stale Chips #6