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You may be looking for Cock-Tail, a Star Trek: TOS zine in German.

Title: Cocktales
Publisher: Golden Rooster Press
Date(s): 1987
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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cover by Pat Cash

Cocktales is a slash Professionals 93-page anthology, a con zine for De-Udder-Con II, November 28, 1987.

It contains cartoon art using photographs and captions. The cover is by Pat Cash.

Sister Zines


  • Whisper of a Kill, Chapter 2 by Lois Welling, using the name "Lucky" (17 pages)
  • Synchronicity by Shark (10 pages)
  • Bodie’s Diet For Stress (1 page)
  • Helen B’s First and Only Doyle-Is-An-Elf Story (5 pages)
  • An Elvish Song of Love by Shadowfax (poem) (2 pages)
  • The Smell Of Wet Pavement (15 pages)
  • Man of War by Killer and Blood (poem) (1 page)
  • Emotionally Involved by Rabbit (9 pages)
  • Old Cowley's Polo Club by Meg Lewtan (poem) (2 pages)
  • Something More Than by Windy (8 pages)
  • Three Haiku by Aki watanabe (poem)
  • Welfare and Whereabouts by Tolbran (1 page)
  • Just A Little Loophole by Wicked Wally (4 pages)
  • Untitled poem by Kittypat
  • Ad Finem by Kittypat (poem)
  • 3 articles about MS and LC reprinted from British magazines (12 pages)


From the The Hatstand: "'Whisper of a Kill, Chapter 2' by Lucky is the second chapter only of the zine novel Whisper of a Kill by Lois Welling, which is now online.

Two of the reprinted articles include interviews in which actor Martin Shaw says the Professionals turned him into a "violent puppet" and Lewis Collins says all he wants is to be a dad" [1]


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