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In Dragons and Kings, Blair Sandburg is an elf prince in Cascade. Jim Ellison learns the truth, and overcomes his own resistance to help Blair deal with problems in Cascade and the elf kingdom.

Elf AU. Many fanfiction writers write fantasy AUs in non-fantasy universes, often featuring canon characters as elves.

One trope is a story in which one of the characters reveals that they are, in fact, an elf who has concealed their true nature. Some of those have been written as serious fantasy; others have been written as parody. Still others are right on the line: they are written seriously, but also with the understanding that the elf AU is a fanfic genre with a long and varied history.

Fantasy AUs that don't include elves, but do include other fantasy elements, especially magic, for non-fantasy canons are called Magic AUs. Elf AUs are often an opportunity for Hair Fandom, which celebrates characters having long hair.

Ray Doyle: Elf

Ray Doyle from The Professionals, has been a popular, and seminal, elf AU subject.

The earliest media elf AU story is El'Endu'il. It is a Professionals fic that was published in zine form in 1983, but circulated privately for a number of years before that date. Another very early Doyle-as-elf story is the Descent to Humanity, a 1980s circuit story series by Anne Carr.

Ray Doyle also co-stars in of the most famous early elf AUs from the mid-1980s: The Hunting by Jane of Australia, a multi-volume zine epic that cast Ray as a captured elf and Bodie as a human who frees him; they run away together and have five zines' worth of adventures.

Vid banner of the fic trailer for The Crown of the Summer Court. The vid uses clips from Lord of the Rings for the other elven characters in the story. Merlin is a half-elven prince and Arthur is his champion.
Story banner of the Magnificent Seven elf AU The Magnificent Quest, showing elf!Vin.

Other Epic Elf AUs

Epic elf AUs have a tradition in online fandoms as well.

The Magnificent Quest is a Magnificent Seven AU that has Vin as a half-elf who discovers the true meaning of his heritage when he and his friends are on a quest to warn the king of an evil that threatens the kingdom. In the Magnificent Seven Kings and Vagabonds [1] series it's Mary Travis who is an elf.

Popslash had Talliswood[2] where both JC and Lance are elves and find their true love with Justin and Chris while saving the magic of the realm. The story was originally inspired by Helen's Guerillas series, but ultimately went in a very different direction.

In Stargate SG-1 fandom Serpent in the Shadows[3] shows Sam Carter as an elf.

The Crown of the Summer Court in Merlin fandom follows the tradition of high fantasy elves (in a fusion with the Merry Gentry series of books) and shows Merlin as a half-elven prince with Arthur as his champion and future king.

In The Sentinel fandom, Natalie L combines elves with mpreg in her epic-length Soul-Quest series, first published in the My Mongoose e-zine and then later as a print zine.[4]

There are also Elf AUs that don't use high fantasy elves. For example, the SGA story A Wish For Wings[5] by Caro has John Sheppard as one of Santa's elves who ran away to escape the exploitation of toy production.

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Fan Comments

  • "I do believe I'll pass on the Doyle as an elf type stories. I've never found Blair Sandburg as an elf entertaining, so I doubt I'd find Doyle as one my cup of tea either." [6]

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