One Kind Deed

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Title: One Kind Deed
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): Dolimir
Cover Artist(s): Geli
Date(s): January 2001
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by Geli

One Kind Deed is a slash Sentinel Elf AU 139-page novel by Dolimir.


  • One Kind Deed (1)
  • Chance Encounters (17)
  • Reversals (35)
  • Beloved (61)
  • Homecoming (87)


From the distributor: "James Ellison, Ranger and unofficial trouble shooter to King Simon, runs across a young thief hell bent on vengeance for the death of his family. Will James help B'lair on his quest or stop him? Will they submit to their growing attraction for each other despite their differences? Will their newly forged bond be enough to save the younger man's sanity?"

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Reactions and Reviews

Whew! This was a hell of a story. If you haven't been reading Dolimir's stories, you really should visit the archives and check her out. Be sure to read her gen stories, too. She's one of the relatively few gen authors I continue to read. (Heh. All that slash keeps me too busy to read all that gen!) I can't say how much different this is from the 'net version, because I stopped reading the 'net posted story when I found out it was soon to be a 'zine. I don't believe it was revised, but the 'zine does contain a significant addition to this universe. I will say I enjoyed reading the whole 'zine much more than the parts as they were posted. Probably because I was so *impatient* to get the parts! It was much nicer to sit and read this in one sitting. And you will want to, believe me! Also, after reading the additional story in the 'zine, I don't believe you would/could be satisfied with just the 'net portions. Really, don't you want it all? This is an AU, of course. B'lair is an elf. Jim is a ranger for King Simon. Definitely not a frail!Blair story as Blair-elf stories sometimes are. I loved all of Dolimir's characterizations. She incorporated our guys as we know and love them, even that bastard Brackett! Hee. She most amazingly kept everyone in character. All too often with AU's it seems the characters are just other people with the names Jim, Blair and so on. It's always such a treat to read such a well written AU about *our* boys! And Blair is kick-ass in this story. Though his life is filled with pain and anger, B'lair stays focused on his goals and you just don't want to get in his way! In this AU, B'lair's life has been torn apart by the slaughter of his family. He supports himself as a thief for hire. After saving the life of Rafe, one of King Simon's men, he meets up with Jim, who wishes to hire his services. A bond forms between all the men (no, not *that* kind of bond! ;-) ), but B'lair refuses to allow his blossoming feelings for the King's ranger to interfere with his own destiny. Though this 'zine is composed of five stories, it's really one story as you know if you followed them on-line. Dolimir weaves us wonderful tale that I really hated to see end. But since endings are inevitable, I much prefer to have one of Dolimir's excellent ones! She beautifully wrapped all her ends up; everyone ended up just where they belonged. Great plot, well written made for a fast-paced read. A quite satisfying 'zine. [1]


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