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Name: Alexfandra, Alexandra, Alex T. MacKenzie
Type: Fan Writer, Fan Artist
Fandoms: Blake's 7, The Professionals, Highlander, Buffy, Pirates of the Caribbean,
Communities: Virgule-L
URL: LJ: her lj
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Alex was an Avon/Vila fan and writer in the late '80s, and (in her own words), "also general sf/fantasy fan/writer, mostly humor, a couple of stories published and/or accepted in truly obscure magazines that pay like four bucks per story." In the early 1990s, after joining Virgule-L she became a crazed fan of The Professionals. She pimped Pros non-stop, typing in stories from the circuit library so they'd be easier to send to new online fans—the baby beginnings of what became the The Professionals Circuit Archive. She went onto to write stories of her own, and then publish Pros zines, some illustrated by her own Bodie and Doyle art. (Some of her Professionals stories can be found here, others in the The Professionals Circuit Archive.) She also started to vid The Professionals as a member of the Media Cannibals.

She was the publisher of Deathless Pros Press (1994-1996) which produced Pros fanzines including the story collections Truth to Tell and Close Quarters, and the novels Tea for Two, Summer's End, and Aftermath.

Later, in the mid-'90s, she fell hard into Highlander, and made many Highlander vids, as well as a few Buffy (Spike) vids, one RayK due South vid and one Queer as Folk UK vid, before slowly falling away from fandom. She has an LJ and stays in touch with old fan friends, but these days spends her spare time painting, drawing, and birding.

Alexfandra became a professionally published novelist in 2010 with the publication of "Immortal Quest: The Trouble with Mages" (Edge SF, Canada). The novel is slashy, and the two main characters were "inspired" by Bodie and Doyle of The Professionals. Her second novel, "Seattle Sleuth" (historical mystery, not slashy) was published in 2012 (Rhemalda Publishing, now out of business). She is also the illustrator for the nonfiction book of nature essays, "In My Nature: A Birder's Year at the Montlake Fill" (author: Constance Sidles), published in 2009.

About her work, one reviewer wrote:

"Alexandra is not only a very prolific writer, she is also very skilled at skirting the fine line between angst and agony. She likes to dissect the relationship between Bodie and Doyle and let them suffer, although not without reward - thankfully, they always end up together. There is no story of hers I cannot recommend, and I strongly suggest you read them all. Check out the Circuit Archive, and - enjoy."[1]

Notable works

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